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My Artwork...but slightly different =]

Guest x_kym_x

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Well heres a photo of lincoln and charlotte... i had to take the photo at a funny angle cause i kept getting the camera shadow on the photo

Its quick so not much shading, not sure what i think of this drawing, atm its kinda just blah in my head :P sorry i know that makes like no sense loll



Hope you guys like it =]

i'm not too sure of who to draw next, i prefer drawing images that include more than just the head cause otherwise i get bored lol, i'm thinking of drawing some of the older characters or something??

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Wow. You really are mega talented when it comes to drawing. I adore each & every single one you've posted so far. :wub: Also don't listen to your art teacher, I love your shading style. Totally unique & it works so well. More soon, please. :D

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