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My Artwork...but slightly different =]

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Hey guys, i hope i'm ok to start this topic! But i usually lurk around this forum and i love the avatars that people make. I tried using photoshop but i soon found that i suck :P so instead i thought i'd post some drawings i've done of the HAA cast =] To the admin I hope thats ok??

I've just finished college/year 12 so i've got some time on my hands so i thought i'd start drawing again!. I havent properly drawn for ages and i only did this one today but i hope you all like it =]...

NOTE: lol its suppose to be Jodi Gordon :P and i was drawing using an image still from when she was on DWTS. It looks wierder in a photograph but i can't scan as its too big for my scanner! I can now see so many ways to improve it, but any comments and critisisms would be really helpful as i'm beginning a uni art course in october and i would love to improve =]



I started drawing Todd Lasance tonight and will have that finished tomorow but if anyones got some interesting ideas about what i can draw please let me know =D



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Seriously thank you all for the nice comments =] I shade in a funny way which my art teachers use to hate... so i stopped drawing until now, so your comments are really appreciated! x

Will post my todd lasance drawing tomorow as i'm tired now and off to bed :P

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