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My Artwork...but slightly different =]

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Just a quick note to say thanks to Kris10na, mbi615, Lise, Lily-G, tessalove, zoelouise and symphony!! :D As always your comments are apreciated sooo much! Even when i hate my drawings you all make me feel better about them! =]

next drawing will be of Irene and people maybe belle and/or aden as they're popular :P and i'm also drawing one of tessa james and Bec Breeds :)

And wow Tessajames the comment you made that i should sell them is one of the nicest comments ever!! :) i would obvs love to do something like that if people were interested.. plus if i were to draw things people have asked me to i would draw them heaps better as i would spend more time on them lol.

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^^ Loll yeh it makes sense...and thank you for the comment :D.... I was also thinking that BTTb wouldnt allow it.

Anyways heres my attempt at drawing Tessa James and Bec Breeds...


I'm trying to find a decent pic of irene to draw but its hard lol

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