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My Artwork...but slightly different =]

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Aw wow thanks Symphony, Tessalove, Steff99, Zoe and Laura!!! :D :D I wasn't sure on that drawing, especially about tessa so thank you all :D

Yup i do have msn TessaJams :) Shall add you now! .. i'm not on much though..otherwise i get addicted =P

Heres a really quick drawing of MarK Furze and the girl from his band!

This one i'll definately admit is so off and inacurate! BUT in my defence i was watching supernatural.... anyone else think it should be illegal for 2 guys so hot to be in the same sceen shot? :P


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^^ Loll yeh it makes sense...and thank you for the comment :D.... I was also thinking that BTTb wouldnt allow it.

Anyways heres my attempt at drawing Tessa James and Bec Breeds...


I'm trying to find a decent pic of irene to draw but its hard lol

:o That is awesome! Your drawings are seriously the best!

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Thanks for the comments Symphony, Lise, Julie and mbi615 :D Its lovely to know people are interested in my drawings! :D

Ok well this is my first ever drawing on watersoluble paper... its so different from using normal paper so this drawing is odd!

I'm going to take Moya's suggestion of playing a guessing game cause it sounds fun :P

Heres a clue though.. its NOT anyone from home and away ..

Hope someone guesses it right but i got to admit its not the best drawing and its hard to tell! anyway....


Heres a well needed clue... he's american and in a tv show.. ok so i know that doesn't narrow it down much lolll

EDIT: Yeah definately needs a better clue... i mentioned the name of the tv show in one of my posts

any guesses? =]

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