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  1. I've been here since April '08, so almost 4 years! I celebrate 8 years married in March, so this site must have started just before my wedding! I've been watching since about '93
  2. That's awesome! Happy birthday BTTB, so happy to be a part of this group Imagine what it will be like in another 8 years
  3. Oh I didn't mean to step on your toes! You can make some too, I was just about to do some when I saw the request. Yours might be better than mine so please go ahead and post yours too Here they are
  4. Hey I would be happy to make some for you What do you want on them? Will do it for you tomorrow if I have the time to do it. I was planning on making some too... I'll post a link here when i've done them
  5. blueberry muffins new moon dvd (shh don't tell my hubby) bottle of solo
  6. Eclipse. I've watched it about 5 times in 3 days. mmmm jacob....
  7. Happy 7th Birthday BTTB! I've been here almost 3 years. I love the spoilers and the competitions, and I've made a few friends here. Home and Away has been my fave show for as long as I can remember and I'm so happy to be part of this community. Thanks BTTB and all the people who work so hard to provide us with so much quality stuff! Here's to many more years!
  8. Who are you following on twitter? I'm fairly new there and don't know where to start...
  9. ^ wow thanks for not answering my question ... will someone who knows please tell me who the nutter is?
  10. Who is the Nutter that will be revealed in ep 95? is it someone we know?
  11. I have Arielle(4), Cameron (3) and Madison (1). We've only just found out we're expecting and will be due mid-october. i love the name Jacob but my hubby hates it, guess i'll have to get the Names book out again!

  12. Thanks for the comment :) We are pretty excited!

  13. today's ep was good. Really enjoying the Frank/Bobby interaction. I really like Frank. A bit over Carly tho, she needs to grow up a bit and realize the world doesn't revolve around her.
  14. How did Lynn leave? Did she die or did she move away? And did the actress quit or get fired? Thanks ^ never mind, i found it
  15. Perhaps not relevant, but whilst waiting for todays ep i caught the end of Sons & Daughters. Never really watched it before, but had to chuckle when some dude told a girl that the man she loved was an evil guy called 'John Palmer'.
  16. Today's ep felt like i was watching mr bean! that guy whose bacon lyn pinched was a bit of an oddball.
  17. Aden-11 Alf-6 Charlie-11 Colleen-3 Geoff-17 Harry-6 Irene-6 Leah-7 Liam-6 Miles-5 Morag-6 Nicole-16 Ross-4
  18. I'm really enjoying watching these eps. I was too young first time they were on. I found myself kind of hoping the ads during the show might be nostalgic. How awesome would that be if they could do that! Of course i makes sense that they can't.
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