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Slipping Through My Fingers

Guest -Kevin-

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Story title : Slipping Through My Fingers

Type of story : Medium/long fic

Main characters : JM,Ric,Mattie,Rachel,Richard,Charlie,Angelo,Chloe

BTTB Rating : A

Genre: Drama, Angst

Spoilers : No

Warnings : unlikely , warning before chapter

Summary - I Will Be sequel :

Its been 8 years since Ric and Matilda's "son" was born as the product of Ric's one night stand and now his biological mother is back and she wants her son.....

Martha and Jack are due their 2nd child together and are fighting Roman for sole custody of Martha and Roman's daughter Brooke.

Rachel's back and shes happily married to her husband Richard , with her 3 kids. But all is not as it seems with her husband....

Chloe, a lonely newcomer to the bay is struggling to fit in with people around the bay , but finds a friend in Rachel..

Charlie struggles to make room in her life for Angelos kids from Rachel , and struggles with the fact that she can't ever have any children of her own..

Previously :

"Jack honey , please hurry up you don't want to miss this " Martha worried

"Do you think that I would miss the birth of our child " Jack spoke excitedly into the phone

" I know , but I can't help but worry " she replied

"Whos looking after the kids " she asked

"I went to Sally's house but she wasn't there so I left them with Chloe " he answered

"Look I have to get off the phone I'll be at the hospital in 5 , OK babe . Love you "

"I love you too "....

"Mattie can you get the door " Ric yelled out

"Sorry Evan's in the bath I'm washing him " she replied

"I'm going toilet , can you get it " he asked

"Oh fine " Mattie sighed

"I'll be back in a minute OK " she smiled at her son

She walked quickly to the door and as soon as she answered the door she wished she hadn't.

"What do you want " Mattie growled

"I want my son " a woman spoke.........

Chapter 1

"Tony please hurry up and get dressed we're running late as it is " Rachel nagged

"But mum its so unfair that Sophie doesn't have school " Tony whined

"well Sophie's school are having an inservice today sorry but just because she isn't going to school doesn't mean you should have a day off as well " she explained

"This is so not fair " Tony grunted and stomped down the stairs

"Less of the attitude thank you very much " Rachel yelled after him

Rachel rushed around the house getting all her stuff together for work and packing up some stuff for Sophie who would be spending the day with Angelo since she's got no school and Richard was working as was she.

"mummy have you seen my pink sweater " Sophie asked

"You won't need a sweater sweetie , its very warm outside " Rachel replied

"Oh ok " Sophie nodded her head

"How long will I be with daddy then "

"umm till around 6 " Rachel answered

"Yay " Sophie smiled

"Whats with the sudden yayness then ? " Rachel frowned

"yesterday you weren't very keen on the idea , whats happened since "

"Well daddy said that he would take me fishing " she grinned

"Ohh I see " Rachel raised her head and smiled

" I don't think so " Rachel objected

"Why " Sophie yelled

"Its too dangerous " Rachel replied

"Anyway we haven't got time to argue we're late , so get your brother and go out to the car" Rachel ordered

"Ugh" Sophie moaned as she left the house

" Come on Tony we're going now " Rachel yelled

"Oh there you are " Tony appeared from the kitchen

"C'mon lets get you off to school " she smiled

"I called the front seat first " Tony yelled as he ran out to the car

"Well too bad Tasha's got the front seat , I'm dropping her over to Chloe first " Rachel spoke

Rachel smiled as she saw all her children argue over the front seat and she realised that her life was in a fantastic place at the moment.

"3 amazing kids and a fantastic husband " she thought to herself and beamed as she left her house....

"Meet your daughter " the nurse smiled as she handed Jack and Martha's newborn baby over to them

"Awww Jack shes amazing " Martha spoke softly

"Shes beautiful , just like her mum " Jack smiled

"Look at her tiny fingers " Martha grinned

"Shes just perfect " Martha continued

"I can't wait to show Jack and Brooke their little sister " Martha gushed

"Yeah me too " Jack agreed

"What about names " Jack asked

"I am thinking Martha , seeing as we've already got a Jack " Martha laughed

"yeah thats such a beautiful name " Jack cheekily replied

"No really , I was thinking we could call her Sarah " Jack suggested

"No " Martha replied immdiately

"Why not " Jack probed

At that moment Jack realised that Martha's baby she had given up for adoption was called Sarah

"Oh Martha I'm sorry " he apologised

"Its OK " she assured him and smiled

"Oh well we don't need to come up with a name right away " he stated

"yeah we don't , I'm sure it will come to us " she replied

"Will I go get the kids then ? " Jack asked

"yeah and please thank Chloe , I think she's looking after Tasha for Rach soon as well "

"OK , actually " Jack paused

"Will I bring Tasha with me , I'm sure she would love to see her new niece " he decided

"Yeah thats great " Martha agreed

Jack bent down and kissed his newborn daughters cheek before kissing his wife goodbye.

He left Martha alone as she gazed into the eyes of her newborn daughter , with a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Ric , what are we going to do " Mattie panicked

"I don't know " Ric gushed

"She is not having him " Mattie made it very clear

"We raised him we're his parents " she insisted

"OK lets just go back inside " Ric suggested

They left the kitchen and went back into the living room where they left Evan's biological motherand began to worry when she wasn't there

"Upstairs " Mattie looked at Ric

They both ran upstairs as quickly as they could and when they got to the top they saw her standing in the upstairs hallway holding Evan in her arms

"Look Carrie he is our son , he isn't yours , hand him over " Mattie warned as both she and Ric moved closer

"he is mine , I'm your mummy " she said to Evan

Suddenly Ric bolted towards Carrie and tried to wrench Evan from her grasp

"get your hands off him " he screamed

Suddenly Carrie let go and fell down and Ric had got Evan in his arms.

He looked down at Carrie who lay in a heap on the floor then his eyes made their way to Mattie who was holding a large stone object in her hand and was shaking.

"he's my son , he's my son " Mattie repeated over and over again whilst shaking

"Oh Mattie , what did you do " Ric gasped.......

Rachel and Angelo have harsh words when they disagree .....

Matilda and Ric panick when they realise that Carrie isn't breathing....

Jack panics when he can't find his son Jack....

Hope you guys like the start to the sequel :)

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Great start Kevin. :D

Aw Jack and Martha have a little girl. :wub:

Rachel's kids are cute, except if they're fighting like that all the time. :P

I thought I told you not to kill people. Oh well, it's Carrie. Who cares? :ph34r: I just hope Mattie will be okay.

The next chapter sounds really good. Can't wait to read it. :D

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I thought I told you not to kill people. Oh well, it's Carrie. Who cares? :ph34r: I just hope Mattie will be okay.

OK I promise I will not be killing anybody in the near future well not after Carrie but she had to go , she was taking Ric & Mattie's child :P

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Thanks guys for all the comments :)

Chapter 2

"Mattie, she isn't breathing " Ric broke the silence as he listened attentively for Carrie's breathing

Mattie couldn't speak she was so stricken with shock.

"I, I I..." she tried to speak

"Oh wait " Ric paused as he checked her pulse

"Shes still got a pulse , we need to get an ambulance " Ric decided

"Mattie call an ambulance " he urged but he got no reply as she stood frozen to the same spot.

"Mattie " he yelled

Ric stood up and picked up the phone from the side table and as he began to dial the buttons to call for anambulance mattie grabbed his arm

"We can't " she spoke

"She will take Evan away from us " she cried

"Mattie we need to call an ambulance , otherwise she will die and we can't do that " he tried to make her see sense

"I know you're right but its either her or Evan and there isn't really much of a choice " she declared

"Mattie honey what kind of life would we have , we could go to prison what would happen to Evan then . he would go into care " Ric explained

"OK call the ambulance " she concluded

"But if we lose Evan I don't think we could survive " she added as Ric dialled the emergency number

"Can I have an ambulance please " he rushed......

"Angelo I'm sorry but I dont want you taking Sophie fishing today , its too dangerous " Rachel asserted

" Whatever me and my kids do in our time together isn't really any of your business " Angelo disagreed

"Well Angelo I agreed that you could see the kids on my terms and I am saying you can't take her somewhere she would be at risk OK " she argued

"Come on Sophie lets go inside your mum was just leaving " Angelo smiled down at Sophie to spite Rachel

" I would really appreciate you not telling me what to do and where to go " Rachel barked

"Look Rachel I really don't want to have an argument in front of the kids " he stated

"OK Sophie get back in the car you can go and stay with auntie Leah for today " Rachel demanded

"Err I don't think so "Angelo yelled

"This is my day to have the kids and she is staying with me " he added

"Angelo please calm down we all know that you have a temper problem and I am not leaving my daughter here with you when your in this mood " she glared at him

"In case you have forgotten she is my daughter as well " he objected

Rachel rolled her eyes up to the sky before turning around to see Charlie walking towards them

"Hey guys whats going on " Charlie smiled

"Nothing honey its OK , I'm taking Sophie fishing later you wana come " Angelo asked Charlie

"Sophie get in the car NOW " Rachel growled

"I am going to let this slide this once Rach but if you pull anything like this again I will be applying for sole custody" Angelo warned

"Yeah right " Rachel smiled to herself as she got back in her car

"OK guys I am not going to work today looks like you'll be staying home with me today Sophie" Rachel made known

Sophie wasn't happy and just stared out the car window ignoring her mother

"Mum I don't feel well can I skip school " Tony lied

"Ha nice try , I don't think so " Rachel laughed

"So I guess that means I won't be spending the day with Chloe either then " Tasha asked with a hint of dissapointment in her voice

"How about I invite Chloe round for dinner , that better " Rachel suggested

"Cool , thanks mum " Tasha smiled

"Hey Chloe , I'm here to get the kids , Martha's real eager for them to meet their new sister " Jack grinned

"Awww I'd say you both are over the moon with a new baby " Chloe smiled

"Yeah and hey Martha said to say thanks you've been a great help over the last few weeks with the kids " Jack thanked her

"Oh it really is my pleasure , their wonderful kids " she emphasized

"Jack , Brooke daddys here " Chloe yelled out

"Oh and isn't Tasha meant to be here as well I thought I'd take her as well " Jack asked

"Oh right , Rachel called and said she was taking the day off work so Tasha wouldn't be coming round something to do with a bust up with Angelo " she explained

"ah thats a shame " he said

Anyway I'll let you off I'm sure you have better things to be doing " Jack winked

"Yeah I'll see you later and please tell Martha I said congrats " Chloe smiled as she left Jack and Martha's house.

"Guys come on mummy's waiting at the hospital with you're new sister " Jack yelled out

"Jack , Brooke " Jack yelled out again

Brooke came down the stairs slowly on her own.

"Where is Jack honey " Jack asked

"He went out " she replied

"Out where " Jack probed

"Out there " Brooke pointed at the front door..........

The ambulance arrives for Carrie....

Jack finds Jack jr safe and sound - but with whom ?

Charlie announces to Angelo that she'd like to start trying for a baby - how will Angelo react ?

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