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Story title : Crossroads

Type of fic : undecided

BTTB rating : A

Main characters : Marc,Belle,Geoff,Nicole and Tina

Other characters : undecided

BTTB rating : A

Genre : drama/angst

Does storyline include spoilers ? : No

Any warnings : Warning before chapter if needed

Chapter 1

It was a cold breezy afternoon when Belle Taylor dragged herself from bed and she did the same thing she did every morning as soon as she woke up - make some coffee. She flicked on the coffee maker and made her way to the bathroom waiting for the ready light to illuminate on the coffee maker.

As she was in the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror and tried to fix her hair which was slightly tossed . She gave up after a few seconds as she began to get stressed out. She froze for a few seconds and gazed into the mirror at herself and half heartedly smiled then heard the back door open so she left the bathroom and retreated to the living room

"Hey" Nicole smiled as she walked up to Belle

"Hi" Belle replied

"How are you feeling " Nicole questioned her feelings

"Yeah im OK I guess" Belle answered

"Have you only gotten up " Nicole asked seemingly surprised

"Yeah I wasn't feeling the best"

"Ok Belle we're taking a holiday to take your mind off Aden for a couple of weeks! Nicole insisted

"But.."Belle began as Nicole interrupted her

"No buts , come on pack a bag we're going up the coast and wherever the road takes us" Nicole laughed

Belle just looked at Nicole and slowly a smile began to appear on her face

"Oh come on you know you want to" Nicole smiled

"k give me an hour and let me get my stuff together " Belle agreed

"Yeah great , I'll just phone Geoff and Tina's coming to" Nicole enthused

"Right , so you'll pick me up at half 2 then "

"Yeah , see ya then" Nicole waved as she left the house.

"You better be nearly ready lover boy" Nicole winked as she began to kiss Geoff on the back of his neck and putting her arms around him from behind.

Geoff laughed and slowly turned round to plant a soft kiss on her lips.

"So Belle's coming ? " Geoff asked

"Yep , im picking her up at half 2"

"Oh and where's Tina ? " Nicole was confused as she looked around

"She was here a while ago , she just left to get some last minute things from her house" Geoff revealed

"I can't believe Miles is letting her go after what happened last week" Nicole stated

"Yeah maybe he thought a break would do her good" Geoff shrugged his shoulders

"Hey" they heard a voice coming from behind them

"Hi Tina , are you all set " Nicole asked enthusiastically

"Yep , all packed up . I cant wait for this " she grinned

"Now all we need to do is drop by Belle's and pick her up " Nicole added

They all left the house smiling , they couldn't wait for their holiday to start..

*beep beep* Nicole blew the horn at Belle from outside Irene's house

"Belle come on " Nicole yelled

Belle then emerged from the door running with her bag looking rather excited and happy .It was a while since they'd seen Belle look so happy , she had been going through some testing times with Aden which ended up with their break up. The holiday had really given her some happiness, which has been lacking in her life for quite a while now.

"Lets hit the road guys " Belle asserted and with that they set off on their life changing holiday...

"You guys im tired we have to start keeping an eye out for a motel" Nicole announced

"Yeah , sure" Belle agreed

They were driving for another half hour but still there was no motel in sight.

"You guys I think we'll just have to crash here in the car" Geoff suggested

"I don't think so" as Nicole slowly brought the car to a halt.

Everyone looked out the window and were delighted to see a motel.

They all vacated the car and walked towards the slightly run down , very quiet motel and entered the office.

"Anybody here" Geoff called out but he got no answer

Geoff looked at everyone and they all just nodded

"Ooh spooky " Tina giggled which prompted everybdoy else to start laughing

"Yeah this is like something of the horror movies" Belle added

"All we're missing is the crazy guy running the place" she laughed

Everyone became quiet as Belle laughed . She turned round to see an old lady standing there throwing her a dirty look

"Sorry , we we're looking for a room " Geoff broke the silence

"Room 15" she grunted as she handed him the key

Tina turned round to Nicole and made a face at her which made Nicole almost laugh. The woman turned to Nicole and started giving evils also

"Let's go guys " Geoff ordered them all as the left the office . Nicole smiled at the old lady but got no smile in return .

When they left they all began to laugh at what had just happened.

"Did you see her face" Tina cackled

Everyone burst out laughing at her .

"OK guys this is us " Geoff pointed to the room with the numbers "15" on the door.

"Oh let us in I'm so tired " Belle whined

They all entered the room which seemed a lot nicer than the buildings exterior.

It wasn't long before they were all asleep except for Belle who couldn't sleep as she just couldn't stop thinking about Aden.....

Tell me what you guys think :)

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Great start! I can't wait to see what happened to Tina the week before and why Belle and Aden broke up. I wonder if its got anything to do with whats happened it the show or if its something else. Can't wait for more :D

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