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I am downloading all of them cause I got told that it will help me know whats going on. And the one I watched without Kate is actually really good so I'm glad I did download it :D

Whats it all about ?

It's about drug barons trafficking heroin into Australia, gangsters and the underworld set in the 70s. It's really good but very very violent. During Kate's first episode I had to turn my head away a few times it was so bad!

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I havent watched this program but I have watched a music video made by Emsan , and I was actually stunned . It looks absolutely fantastic , the part that blew me away was when people burst into Sally's apartment with huge machine guns and blow the hell out of some guy (her husband ? :unsure:) . I was like :o WOW.

I am definitely going to download this.

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There is a lot of nudity in this show. Like, a lot. I guess that's the 70s for you :huh:

Chopper Reed is a funny character. I say character, because it's hard to think of him as a living, breathing human being when I've now seen three different interpretations of him on screen in just a few years. It's also hard to believe that someone who subscribes to such random, destructive chaos actually exists. And more than just a little bit scary. Fascinating though. It's strange to think that he's become something of an Australian icon, almost a folk hero for his laid back, self-confident, casual attitude to things that other people would find horrific, or at least outrageous... We sure can pick 'em :huh:

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So what did any Kiwis think of this new Underbelly?

My take (in bulletpoints)

- Alright for an opener, slower pace than the first one but still some good action.

- Shuddered at what Trimbole did to Mrs McKay's dogs.

- PMSL'd at George Freeman telling Clark to "go back to NZ and shag some sheep"

All in all, a good episode - can't wait for the next one and Kate's two episodes! :D

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I'm continuing to enjoy Underbelly 2 more and more after each episode, I was a little suprised at the promo for next weeks ep (I'm more confused than anything).Kate rocked the 2 episodes she was in, mind you I loved Liz's pursuit after the shooter


in Mondays ep.

Maccaz- I totally forgot about freeman's comment to Terry in ep1 :lol:

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