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In this week's TV Week it says

Alison is next on Terry's hitlist

I was reading up about what happened to the characters later on in life and Bob Trimbole escaped to Ireland, he could be my neighbour ha ha!!

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This week's Underbelly was great, I cant believe we have to wait three weeks for the next episode :(

I am glad Allison got away, obvioulsy Terry is a major criminal but this week showed how heartless he is when he ordered her killing.

They are milking Kate Ritchie's time on the show, they ended the recap promo with her!

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Any NZer with a good knowledge of sporting history would've appreciated this conversation between Chris Flannery and Mick Sayers in last night's (NZ) episode.

"If it was up to me, I'd take Trevor Chappell out behind the grandstand and put a bullet in his brain."

"Mate, it wasn't his fault. His brother told him to bowl an underarm."

"Meh, shoot 'em both then."

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