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Man the first two episodes was so freaking good! :o

This is officially my new fave show. This kind of genre is very popular in Sweden and we have got a lot of series of films like this. BUT Underbelly is like 1000 times better. I showed for my Swedish friends and they have already watched season 1, 3 times or something lol.

Wow if only Sweden could pick it up, it would get so many views.

The two most popular series of films in Sweden are Beck and Wallander and they get more than 1 million views every time.

I'm gonna write to our channels to pick it up lol.

Anyway, I can't wait until next monday, I want it to be monday today!!

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Episode 1- series 2

Was just awesome :)

Did anyone notice that Ric Herbert (Brian in H&A) was in it as Trimboles' sidekick??

That Lunchtime scene was sooo funny, and it was quite clever how they kept flicking back to the different officers sitting at their desks. (especially Barry (Paul Tassone- aka Rev Hall).

The other thing I couldn't help but notice is how similar Myles Pollard(Phil) and Matt Passmore(Warrick) look.

Drew- Chris S did play Greg (aka the greedy guy), I'm kind of glad that Terry killed him because I really didn't like him.

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^^Lol yea, that lunchtime scene was really funny.

I love that there are so many familiar faces in this series, it makes it more interesting. Oh and I hate to say this but I think I'm falling for Terry Clark lol.

Oh and it was cool to see Flynn#1 again. It will be really cool to see him and Kate working together as lovers again. CAN'T WAIT!

Yea, and I'm also pretty pleased that Terry killed Greg, he was really annoying. I mean, how can you have energy like that, all the time? haha

Man, I want it to be monday, NOW! I'm so glad that AU is so far ahead of us lol. Because in Swedish time it airs 11.30 am on Monday lol. So hopefully someone on diwana uploads it quick enough.

Anyway, I wanna see the second episode now! I wanna see what happens when they find Greg and I wanna see everything lol.

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Did anyone notice that Ric Herbert (Brian in H&A) was in it as Trimboles' sidekick??

Ah, that's who it was!!

I was staring at that guy going "I know you... I know you..." I just couldn't think where from. It was driving me nuts! :D

The first two episodes have been great. I wasn't sure whether it was going to be as good as series one but it definitely is. I can't wait for Monday!

I can't wait to see Kate in it!

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