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Will Kate split Summer Bay?

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Will Kate split Summer Bay?

July 06, 2007 12:00am


HER love life has always been a high-drama affair, but news of Kate Ritchie's latest split has sparked renewed speculation she's about to end her record-breaking relationship with the TV show Home and Away.

Ritchie's love interest on the Summer Bay soap, actor Chris Sadrinna (inset) has reportedly been axed from the show, with insiders claiming it opens the door for his Gold Logie-winning co-star to make her exit too.

Confidential sources say Sadrinna was told last week that his role on the show would end within months - a decision that has apparently staggered the 32-year-old.

"It wasn't his choice to go, the producers made the decision for him. He didn't want to go, he was just told 'that's it','' one spy said yesterday.

With his storyline, as Brad Armstrong, tied closely to Ritchie's character, Sally Fletcher, insiders say it flags an opportunity for Ritchie to be written out too.

The Channel 7 drama's cliffhanger ending last year had fans convinced they had seen the last of Sally, fuelling a media frenzy over the 28-year-old's future.

The popular personality has made no secret of her desire to diversify her career, after playing the same role on the soap for a Guinness record of 19 years.

But Seven executives have moved to keep their star, who is understood to be off contract in November, challenged with other network opportunities - including co-hosting the talent show It Takes Two with Grant Denyer.

A Seven spokeswoman declined to comment when contacted yesterday.

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Hmm, I'm not too sure about this. It doesn't seem likely that they'd axe him

just as Brad is about to propose, especially as Sally reportedly says yes

. Also, why would they want to make an opportunity for Kate to leave, when they've readily acknowledged that she's one of their biggest assets? Personally I'm not a fan of Brad, but getting rid of him at this stage would only cause problems.

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Hmmm... I don't really know if I believe this either. I mean, even if Brad is leaving he could leave without Sally

seems like he's hiding something that Naomi is prepared to expose to the world judging from the latest aussie promo


Also I don't believe they would make Sally leave Summer Bay in H&A's 19th year, I think she will be there for the 20 years anniversary. Especially judging from the recent news about this year's season finale cliffhanger.

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I’m happy Brad is being written out I never wanted them together because no effort has gone into making them a good couple, and maybe this was the reason, it never was supposed to be…which I always wanted.

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