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  1. awesome I loved it loads but I dont want it to be the end
  2. OMG that was just soooooo cute, update soon
  3. Loved it, love it, love it loads. Update soon. This fic is brill!!!
  4. Am so not happy with Peter!!! How could he! Please update soon. Cant wait for the wedding xx
  5. How can Belle not want Peter after that You gotta update soon Love it
  6. hope Belle and Pete get it on Update soon. Poor Mandy though
  7. Awww so cute, Glad Peters bk in the Bay though Belle should just tell Peter! Update soon, Loving it
  8. Awwww Poor Belle, she should just get with Pete!!! Update soon. I love it
  9. Its great, I love this fic! Update soon.
  10. Really good fic.... I'm guessing Peter will be the one to find her Update soon
  11. Chrissie how dare you lie to Lucy!!!!! I knew it was her! That was amazing Shan, shame it's ending Becca n Rhys Thanks for the fic! I think Becca was best though
  12. Kat who is with Pete in your av?

  13. I would easily stop writing mine just to read a part three of BTS LOL You never know you might have time in the future *hopes* now nickerz n Becca will never get together :'( *runs*
  14. Awww Nic and Amy are so Cute shame they had to get married without their mates there Update soon
  15. Awwww poor Nickerz I feel so sorry for Him, Nic and amy are the best couple!!! Update soon
  16. Awwwww Nic and Amy So glad they said yes, was so cute how he proposed Update soon
  17. Nic and Amy are so cute together, I really hope he proposes soon Loved it, update soon.
  18. Shan you gotta update soon because I'm going away on Sunday for 3 weeks and that means NO BTTB!
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