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Will Kate split Summer Bay?

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Hmmm... I don't really know if I believe this either. I mean, even if Brad is leaving he could leave without Sally

seems like he's hiding something that Naomi is prepared to expose to the world judging from the latest aussie promo


Also I don't believe they would make Sally leave Summer Bay in H&A's 19th year, I think she will be there for the 20 years anniversary. Especially judging from the recent news about this year's season finale cliffhanger.

Whats the recent news about this years Season finale ??? that you mention ... have they planned something this far in advance already and revealed it somewhere ??

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I for one, really hope that this isn't true! I like Brad...

Like Dan said, it's definitely true. I have to admit it seems like a weird decision - why would they have Brad move in with Sally and

propose to her

if they only ever saw him as a 'long term guest'?

And what about Jess from H&A Central apparently seeing them film the wedding scenes?

. I don't particularly like Brad but it seems odd that they're getting rid of him now.

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