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Will Kate split Summer Bay?

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I dont want Brad to leave :(...I really like him!! :wub: he is one of my fav characters at the moment..oh and I also really like him and Sally as a couple!! I really dont want Kate to leave Home and Away because she is H and A(as well as Alf!!)..I'll be dissappointed if she leaves!!

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I highly doubt after the big reaction to last year's cliffhanger that Kate will leave the show. She has now said numerous times that she is very attached to it and plans to stick around for a while yet. Now with her 3 Logies I am sure the producers would want her to stick around. Especially with the 20th anniversary next year I don't think that one of the longest serving cast members will leave this year or even next year. I hope not anyway. It would be weird without Sally.

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