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  1. since this is the section DanF frequents the most.. Can you please ask Bevan how many eps of HeadLand there are? They started playing them on 7two and I remember they had a few eps that were never aired and just want to know how many all up were filmed/shown/planning to be shown?
  2. Rachel could be related to Dani Sutherland I think.. all about ME ME ME ME!
  3. If you were all serious about it you could create a room on paltalk
  4. you want hot pics of Tammin ;) http://www.tamminsursok.com.au/images_publ...ort_P/main.html
  5. I just love wikipedia lol Future cast members * Emily Perry (Zoe McCallister) (returning late April 2006) (no concrete proof of her returning and when) * Karina Bourke (Jennifer Andrews) (TBA in 2006) (who?) * Victoria Cini (Stella) (TBA in 2006) (another rumoured person who keeps popping up) * Natasha Lee (Lee) (TBA in 2006) (this one has been reported but not 100% confirmed) * Geraldine Turner (TBA in 2006) (she is in it tom *rolls eyes* at TBA) * Rebecca Cartwright/Hewitt (Hayley Smith/Lawson/Hunter (#1) (returning in 2006) (no comment) * Nick Hardcastle (Tim O'Connell) (returning in 2006) (he said he would like to come back, that is all) * Barry Shepherd (Browning) (returning in 2006) (is he even a character? we saw him once a few weeks back)
  6. Who's gonna take this one? lol
  7. Ok this topic is becoming disturbing (Drew's one) So who is going to the H&A reunion show?
  8. LMAO so true usually when the site has gone over the bandwith it's a different message.
  9. What happened to it? Just says this: This Account Has Been Suspended Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.
  10. Be warned that we will be having an influx of useless posts and kiddies soon, as "H&A Central" is down maybe for good? :|
  11. "Bad News Bears" um teenage boys would like it.. I didn't mind it but it was a bit like watching Bad Santa teach a kids baseball team
  12. you can delete it yourself just edit..
  13. Who annoys you Drew? just say it you will feel better to get it all out
  14. She is carrying a strange triangular alien baby!! Ok well that or she's wearing another prosthetic.. i mean look at the shape of it, and also she has no boobs and a skinny head.. not the looks of a pregnant woman
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