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I'm constantly in awe of this fic. It moves at such a perfect pace, and all the characters - new and old - are so real. I love it! I'm wondering if Rachel's going to tell Kim what's happening with Charlie, and if Kim's gonna do something about it... *cough*blood*cough.*

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Woah so many updates! This fic is just hilarious, I love it.

“You had a fight with her in the shopping centre?”

Logan nodded. “It’s nothing, what’s this about hot guys? Are you gay? I knew it.”

“I was making an observation, I didn’t mean it like that” Roo tried to defend himself.

Logan nodded as if he didn’t believe him.

“I read an article about identical twins that if one was gay the other one was gay too, because they’re basically the same person… same genes… same DNA… same sexuality… So do you still think I’m gay?” Roo was really making that up off the top of his head, he really hoped Logan believed it.

“But we aren’t identical twins” Logan told him. “So does that mean Cooper is gay too?”

“God, you’re so stupid” Roo shook his head. “Would it even bother you if I were?”

“Why? Are you?”

“Do you think I am?”

“I don’t really care one way or another”

“Well that’s good” Roo walked off leaving Logan confused.

Ahh that was so great, you really do conversation incredibly well

“Candace get those things out of your ears”. Andrew ordered.

Candy didn’t hear him.

“Candace” Andrew yelled.

Candy pulled the earphones out.

“We’re at the dinner table… In public” Andrew lectured.

“Can you pass the salt Candy?” Logan asked his sister who completely ignored him. “Candy, pass the salt” but she didn’t budge.

Andrew passed the salt to his son.

“What is up with you two?” Andrew asked.

The two siblings ignored their father’s question.

“What about you?” Andrew looked at Roo.

“Uh what?”

“What did you get up to?”

“Uh, not much” Roo answered.

“Did you meet any girls?” Andrew asked curiously.

Roo shook his head.

“What about that Martha girl you were talking about this afternoon?” Cooper asked.

“Oh ah, yeah well…”

“Martha? So you aren’t gay?” Logan asked.

“Oh God, what is it with you? Do you not have a brain? Can’t you think before saying anything?” Candy snapped at Logan.

“Of course he isn’t gay Logan” Andrew told his son, he then looked at Roo “Isn’t that right?”

“Ah… yeah” Roo responded..

“Bullsh*t” Logan coughed.

“Logan stop it… Can’t we just have a normal meal? Without any arguments or gay jokes or anything like that please?” Andrew pleaded with his children.

was. Maybe if he could somehow get Charlie’s shirt off he would know for sure.

Again, so impressive.

And I love this Rachel with the dirty mouth and aggressive streak. Reminds me of when she went off the rails last year.

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Charlie! :( He's so fragile!

I'm getting the impression later on that he and Roo will get together. :wub: Am I thinking way too much into it?

Not at all, it's no secret Roo has feelings for Charlie. Who wouldn't? Charlie is so adorable :wub:

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Why am I always attracted to the gay ones?? *Hugs Roo* :wub:

I cannot wait for Kim and Roo to double-team Greg and kick the crap out of him, but I'm wondering about that "other Greg" line... I'm sure it was just a figure of speech, but it's making me wonder... split personality :P?? Probably not... probably just a jerk all the time but sometimes he's better at hiding it <_<

Aww, why isn't Kim singing?? We've had naked (and might I say "mmmmmm") so now all we need is singing!

I loved all the flat white talk, hehe. Aww, Rachel and Kim ordered the same thing :wub:

Nice to see Andrew again. I had to stop and think when I saw his name - it's been a while! And "Candice" threw me for a second. Darn fathers with their proper titles for troublesom children...

Ooh and Colby. Who knew that Madge Wilkins would breed a ripped surf star! :blink:

Look forward to more, as always.

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Those updates are seriously wicked! I love this fic! Keep it up. Maybe when Roo said that only gay guys drink flat-whites that he was hinting that he was. Anyway, awesome! I loved that bit with Kim & Rach in the tub and the flat- white talk.

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