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The Summer Bay Massacre (by Perry) - comments


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Damn you Adam!! You have NO idea how jealous I am of you right now!! So many intriguing, compelling, original characters! Ah! Jealous!!!!

(I have issues thinking up original characters, if you can't tell :P)

That was so good. Logan's fun :D. Loved the comment about the drivers lisence and the magazines! :D So true.

The idea of the three soap babies all grown up - I don't think I ever really thought of it before, but it's a great concept!

I hope this is a long fic, cause I'm really looking forward to getting into it ^_^

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Hehe, woo :D

Forgot to mention this bit as well:

“Hey Logan” Mitchell called to him; “You're missing your party”.

Logan kept walking.

Just one of those nice "screw you" images that I like so much.

So many good lines in this chapter!!

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Yeah, Logan's based on a mate of mine who's name is Logan... I hope he doesn't read it... When I was planning the characters, Logan was the one I just had 100 ideas for, I can go anywhere with him and he can do anything I;m going to have so much fun with him. :P You wait and see... Also Colby Wilkins-Dean is the grandson of Madge, he's another character you will love.

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