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  1. If this is not okay, let me know and I'm happy to do another one.
  2. Hope you like guys!! Sure, KAt, go ahead (It's Kat, right? Memory...*rolls eyes*)
  3. I was in the Christmassy mood. DIdn't have a lot opf pics to work with. Sorry. If you'd like a certain image, let me know. I promise, I can do better!
  4. I have a boy at school that calls me and my friends geeks. You wanna know why? It's because we haven't seen MA 15 + movies!! The last movie I watched...Just Like Heaven. So beautiful. My Mum and I made my Dad watch it.
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  7. Hey. I've read this before and am quite a fan of Rach/Hugh and this is quite interesting & unpredictable! I really like it so far - though I have no idea where it's going! ‘What room are you in, Rach?’ asked Dean. Good way to start it off. Suggestive, but not to give-a-way She awoke at three in the morning with a start. She had had such a narrow escape from Dean, what an idiot she had been. How had her life come to this? Everyone seemed to be pairing off into couples, having babies, settling down. All nice and normal, except for her. The lonely divorcée who seemed to attract creeps and pushed decent men away. A lump rose in her throat, and she began crying silently. Why hadn’t Kim wanted her and not Kit and Archie? I wanted to cry!! That is so, so sad. Watching H&A, it's a bit hard to realise what Rachel really went though, but you saw through that and wrote down the real feelings! Very well written! ‘My friend Hugh has just had his heart broken by a girl. He’s a doctor too,’ Ceri shrugged. ‘See what I mean?’ Good line. I knew that would come up somewhere. Well written and well thought out chapter!! Nice work!
  8. Thanks! Lately I felt I'd really improved my writing, and one day I just started a fic. Plus I missed this place. Won't be on 24/7 like I used to be though! I mainly came back because of the fics though! Oh, and I'd been coming back as a guest because I needed to find out what was happening on SBH, too. That used to be, like, my favourite fic!! Ok. Well. See you soon!!!
  9. I read this awhile ago but forgot to review. Hello again!! I have missed your writing!! You're so talented and I love reading your fics!! Your descriptions here were brilliant, all of it was playing out in my mind. Some piecfes of writing I struggle to do that with, but yours is always so descriptive, and I feel like I'm travelling along with the story. She looked across at where he sat and this time he looked up, his intense brown eyes meeting hers as he waved his hand, asking silently whether the exam was a thumbs up or thumbs down. She gestured back her indication that it had been so so and wasn’t surprised when she received a thumbs up in return. She couldn’t help but grin, her best friend always had to go one better. That was a cute moment. It really captured something that best friends would do. (It reminded me of my test for my high school and my friends and I weren't allowed to talk at all so we communicated in sign language half the time!!) Irritably she tapped her fingers in a random rhythm against the desk and chewed anxiously on the end of her pen. The clock on the wall seemed to fade in and out of focus but the tick, tock was almost ominous. Echoing through the silence inside her. GREAT beginning! It's one of those things that really has meaning, and it's something that I can't seem to think of. Very nice!! THe saddest part for me was the ending. It left everything so unfinished, and, being me, I just needed to know what happened. But I suppose it's very realistic. No happily ever afters, because I really don't know any!!! I really loved that - not usually a fan of oneshots because I'm always like 'What happens next though!?!?!?' but I truly enjoyed reading that!
  10. I love this! I love cast ones but I went away for awhile and could NEVER keep up with behind the scenes!
  11. *realises something* Hah! I didn't make 4, I made 3!
  12. Sorry, it took me awhile! Couldn't find a VJ, but I added two other adorable little ones! Hope you like.
  13. Love these! I like this colouring.
  14. Rosey, If I get time, I will, but it does take a lot of time seeing as it's hard to get pics of them. I know there s a thread of Pippa, nbut VJ isn't seen very often.
  15. I made one awhile ago. Photobucket is down right now, will post it as soon as I can!
  16. These are totally bad!! I am SOSOSOSO sorry, but Ca/Ri isn't the right size... Long story.
  17. Saw? No clue. Brad? Yerk. I'll think about the Brad one, but I'm having a major brain block.
  18. ^^^^^ Yes, yes, YES! Good song. Hated it at first, but now...
  19. Awww, sweet.

    I won't be on as much anymore, unfortunately. :( Oh well.

  20. You have awesome avatar style! Lovely! Will (most likely) Be coming back to this thread more often!
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