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  4. Don't suppose anyone could make me a high-quality 100x100 avatar of this, could they? Cheers in advance!
  5. Any chance of a high quality 100x100 avatar with Kingpin written on it using this and this? Cheers in advance.
  6. Goddamn double-posting. But something remarkable's happening: I'm being attacked by plot bunnies! For the first time since 2007, I've started to seriously think about writing fanfic again. And the characters I got in mind are Eve and Rachel, set sometime in March/April 2006. Sadly, there wouldn't be no Tracey though; this'll solely be about Eve getting revenge on Kim through an unknowing Rachel. Of course Eve would be going under the ID of Laura McPherson and be in her Maxine Trood disguise. I'm not sure of a title yet but it'll be written in a similar way to Flammable and is inspired by listening to The Prodigy. Though I think they ruined the Stalker 'sequel' by having Zoe focus solely on Peter. Sure enough it probably would've been in character for her to get at him sooner or later, but Kim and Sally... I would've thought she'd have beared her grudge against those two just as much, more than enough to just plant some red light bulb to make people think that Sally's home was a whorehouse. In Eve's twisted way of thinking Sally virtually tried to kill her at that tyre factory, and Kim completely betrayed her by sleeping with Hayley. As much of a Zoe/Tracey shipper I am, I'm not too sure Eve would've fallen for Tracey so easily after Kim cheated on her, unless she and Tracey knew each other from before and had a history together. Shame we'll never know.
  7. That's all right. Take your time. When you rush things they hardly ever turn out right, trust me. I just finished reading Rabsey's Control too. I'm kinda going through 'em all. xD Though I wish I could find the one where Zoe and Tracey met in the city, it was one of the 'All' trilogy fics.
  8. Vintage Emily ftw. I'm glad you like it. Though I am really, really lol'ing at this stuff. It's horrendous!
  9. I completely forgot about that Drunk!Tracey fic, and I think at the time Just Defy was my most popular one. Good times. And I haven't written a single thing since September '08, I'm never satisfied with what I churn out, and the things I do manage to write nowadays are always original stories. I literally can't get into writing fanfic no more. You got any idea where your Jarlie fic will be ready?
  10. Hee! I feel you. I'm re-reading my early stuff, and boy, is this totally cringeworthy or what?
  11. You gotta post it! Whether it's incomplete or not, just do it.
  12. Hee! She's so cute. Also, look what I just found.
  13. I'm kind of cool with the way things ended now, now that I've had almost three years to get over it. Besides, I'd like to think that this is what happened after the barn explosion. God bless Rabsey. ETA: I remember that bra ad. Fondly.
  14. Oh, if only Zoe actually locked them in and blew 'em all up that way, that would've been sweet. But then how would they kill her off? As much as we love her, she couldn't have stayed alive or they'd just continue to keep milking the story (not that any of us would complain about that, but y'know ).
  15. For real. I understand the not revealing Tracey as her accomplice until the final showdown, but they should've at the very least have shown us Zoe actually doing her evildoing. Preferably in her Maxine Trood disguise. And that final episode of theirs, I know it was Jack & Martha's wedding an' all, but really, they should've had the Stalker stuff for the entire last half of the episode rather than the last, what, three minutes? Plus some flashbacks of Zoe escaping the tyre factory explosion wouldn't have gone amiss, or at least a flashback or two of her meeting Tracey in the city. Word.
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