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The Summer Bay Massacre (by Perry) - comments


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For 6 months, you have been wondering "Who is the Summer Bay Serial Killer?" Pretty soon, you will all find out.

It's the one you least suspect!

And it's the one who will be responsible for FIVE more deaths.

Who will Survive?

Not even your favourites are safe.

The Summer Bay Massacre: The Final Chapters, STARTING SOON!

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You finished it?

This means I can read it! But I am in the middle of Pet Sematary right now, which is soaking up more reading energy than I knew I had... :unsure:... but I'm just letting you know that I've seen that this is over, and I should be reading it in the next couple of weeks, probably from the start. So yay! I look forward to it :D

Well done for finishing :) That is if you HAVE finished, and haven't just written "the end" to tick me :P

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Alrighty, FINALLY read it. Charlie's death, aw... He thought Cooper was Roo... :(

It was good, loved the dialogue, but I have to say that I was pretty confused by the ending. So... Andrew's the killer? Killing his own sons...? For... why? :huh: And is Greg meant to be his kid too? Or... I really don't understand what went on there. Help :huh:

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Well I imlplied that he was his son but wheather he was or not it's up to the reader decide and I left it very vague on purpose... Maybe he had a son name Greg that died. I left it for you to interpret it whichever way you wanted to but...

If you want to know what I had in mind... I pretty much felt that Andrew wanted REVENGE on the people he sees responsible for his sons deaths- His own children. I didn't imagine him to be the killer the whole way through but he did kill Logan.

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