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The Summer Bay Massacre (by Perry) - comments


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There were many things I meant to comment on but I went to watch the Rich List half way through reading so... Mostly I remember that Mattie shouldn't be swearing! She's a good girl!! Then of course I say aww to poor little Charlie :(. Grrrr at Greg <_<. I am not trusting this "relationship" one bit, no sir I am not... Perhaps Roo can go beat the crap out him if he finds out that something's up <_<.

Very excited about all the updates, and the Lucas/Roo interaction :wub:. Looking forward to the next installment! :D

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Mostly I remember that Mattie shouldn't be swearing! She's a good girl!!

I knew someone will pick up on this. She only said the 'D' word plus she's seeing Ric in the Fic, he's a bad influence therefore it's totally justified her saying the 'D' word. If she said the 'C' word... Now there's an idea. *goes to write the next chapter*.

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I thought this was gonna be a slow chapter when I started reading, and then BANG! Catfight! :o. So many swears... so many tasteless inuendos... Nicely done!

What??? Nothing about Ric playing with Barbie's??? :huh: I'm a little dissapointed in your comment Jem... I expected more from you. :P

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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreg <_<... I was almost ready to be understanding and say that he MIGHT really love Charlie, and Rachel WAS being a hippocrit... but then this 15 year old... Kim wasn't 15 <_<

Grrrrrrr... If there's to be blood in this fic, I hope Greg's is the first shed <_<


He's the frickin' sl*t... someone should remove his ability to be one... and then kill him... slowly -____-

BRING ME BLOOD ADAM!!!!!!!!!! :angry:

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