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  1. Rihanna - Take A Bow Good song...
  2. Lil' Mama/T-Pain/Chris Brown - Shawty Get Loose
  3. Already said this on MSN but just want to be first to comment it on your page :P


    Fa I'm cool...

  4. Merry Boxing Day, my beautiful wife.

    I would've come on and wished you a Merry Christmas, but seriously - pfft! Who comes on the internet on Christmas Day?

  5. So where are these photos of you and this 'best friend'?

    Btw, I'm quite sad I never got to see you when I was in your country. You'll have to come to NZ next time.


  6. Nathan

    That's fine. Next time you're online you can IM me ;)

  7. Could you please give me a home address of this 'date'? And whether he prefers to be STABBED OR SHOT!! I will be in Aussie this Friday. Meet me at the airport.



  8. :o Snapped!

    And I feel really guilty about it haha.

    She's not even my girlfriend, nor has she ever been. She's my close friend.

    Nothing to be jealous of, dear. You're my one and only.


  9. Nathan

    You were online yesterday!!! And I IM'd you. But then I had to get offline haha.

  10. Long time, no talk.

    Not healthy for a marriage, if I do say so myself ;]

  11. Nathan

    Very dramatic lol

    How often do you go on MSN? You're never on when I am...

  12. Nathan

    All Saints

    How did Natalie Saleeba's character, Jessica I think, leave the show?
  13. Nathan

    Two is always better than one :P How's life Eli? Haha...

  14. The South Park movie (Bigger, Longer, Uncut, or whatever it's called lol)
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