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What's your favourite Alcoholic Drink?

Guest Lolzi

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Yeh I can't really have too much to drink otherwise I feel sick but I enjoy having a bit, makes you more fun :P

This girl at my NYE party got really smashed and was running around, with a metal bowl on her head screaming "Where are the kangaroos?! They're going to kill us!". It was rather hilarious. She also seemed to have a fetish for chips :huh:

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My favourite alcoholic drink is smirnoff ice.

I was just looking at the at article of the legal drinking age and it says for the UK:

The legal age to drink alcohol in a pub (outside the strictly-defined bar area) is 5, provided they are accompanied by a parent who buys it for them.

So a 5 year old can drink!?!? :huh:

Is that correct?

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Pah! No. You can get a drink at 16 if someone over 18 is buying and you have it with a meal.

My favourite drink; White Rum is quite tasty or Peach Archers.

Not a big drinker though, i've only thrown up once from drinking ... it's not an experience i wish to repeat.

I hate people that can't remember what they did the night before because they've drunk so much, but still say they've had a good time. How do you know??? Anything could have happened.


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