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    Films, Music, the Arts, my imagination :P, stories, aspirations, dreams xxx Also, talking, so if anyone wants to PM me xx
  1. Okay guys, a new Lleyton and Bec Hewitt site is up - it's official, it's pretty cool. http://www.lleytonandbechewitt.com/ Enjoy! xxx
  2. Hey guys, I know I haven't been on very much lately, but I'm moving to University on Thursday (eek!) and am making my Nan a CD as a present. I wondered if anyone could be so fantastical as to make me some CD artwork that I could print for her. I don't really mind what it is - but just something pretty! (Kind of like what Cat made in the general thread, but without the people from High School Musical - it can be called something catchy like she had 'These little wonders' but I really don't mind - I'm not creative enough to think of these things) Here are the track listings: 1. Pavarotti -
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. If Kit has finished University now, what sort of degree did she get? Or what did she train/study for? Thanks x
  5. Am currently in the middle of three books: Pat Barker's 'Regeneration', Vera Britain's 'Testament of Youth' and Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness' xxx
  6. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade was the last movie I watched. About to go and watch "Inside Man" again, just because Clive Owen is gorgeous xxx
  7. OMG I LOVE IT! Thank you so much, it's brilliant - if you could tell me how to put it on my LJ, I'll put it on there, credit you and everything xxx
  8. That's fine My internet's been like that a lot recently too xx
  9. Where do I find out how big it is? xx
  10. Oh okay, thanks. If you tell me how I can figure out the size of the page ... I can put it up for you. I'm a bit of an LJ dummy you see xxx
  11. My LJ Thanks Aaron! I don't really mind what size it is How was your holiday BTW? xxx
  12. I'd like to request an LJ header please, using any combination of these pictures: Writing either to say 'FBI Hotchner' or 'Thomas Gibson is FBI Hotchner" (Pic credit to www.algonquinroad.net) *** Also - if someone can tell me how I add a header to my LJ, that would be great or else any beautiful artwork made can't be displayed to the world *** Thank you xxx
  13. You could call it: "Finally! The girl has been gagged" xx
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