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    MUSIC ♥♥♥<br />Simple Plan<br />Kid Courageous <br />Panic! At The Disco <br />Kisschasy<br />Fall Out Boy<br />McFly<br />Cartel<br />Plain White T's
  1. Kimmy

    Hey haha wow I haven't been on in soo long...yeah i should come back but I don't need more distractions from doing my homework haha

  2. Drew

    i miss u kimmy lol. coome back !

  3. What happened to the Oldies threads?
  4. Hey Hey Anyone around?
  5. Hey how are you going?
  6. Yeah hows that going? How many episodes/chapters have you done?
  7. KIMMY!!!! Hows things mate? Haha alright...I really should be doing work right now but I cbf lol You?
  8. Hey Hey Anyone around?
  9. Kimmy

    Support Group

    Yeh I just have to wait for the right time to say it thoguh...I'm not very good at telling people things I mean unless I say it in a joking way
  10. Kimmy

    Support Group

    HELLPP Lol OK well two of my best friends have just started going out and I feel like I can't hang out with them anymore. I can't hang out with Matt unless Robyn's there and if she is there I don't want to hang out with both of them cos they are all over each other. I just feel as though I am losing Robyn and she is probably my closest friend. I hardly ever see her these days and if I do she's always with Matt. I know it sounds really selfish and it's not as though I don't want them to go out but I just wanna spend some time alone with Robyn! What can I say to them to let them know how i'm feeling with out sounding jealous or selfish?
  11. Are you still doing that BTTB Mansion thing?
  12. Yeeahh I haven't been on in ages..just bee busy and stuff. Really into MySpace right now and its so time consuming
  13. Ohh Mario! I remember playig that at After School Care..wow that was more than 4 years ago
  14. Hey everyone What you all up to?
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