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What's your favourite Alcoholic Drink?

Guest Lolzi

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Depends on my mood, really.

When I'm out I normally drink lager (Fosters or Carling), but occasionally Smirnoff Ice.

For a shorter drink, Scotch whisky and vodka goes down well, and Dooleys (toffee vodka) is very moreish!

In short, I'll drink pretty much anything anything!

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Ooh Dooley's - haven't had that in years!

Hmm I think my all time favourite still has to be Baileys! I'm not a beer drinker, can't stand the stuff! Usually in the pub I'll have JD and Coke.

I've made a new discovery recently which has been rather nice - Strongbow Sirrus! That's what I'm drinking at the moment :wink:

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The only RTD's I can drink are Smirnoff double blacks. I can only have two of those before the tell tale signs of me being tipsy kick in! The bit between my eyes goes numb, followed closely by the rest of my face. I can't feel a thing.

Other than the smirnoff, I drink wine or a coctail which we sell where I work called "Kiss Kate". It's Peach Schnaaps, Blue Curacao and Pineapple juice. Very easy to drink. Too easy. And it makes your tounge turn green as an added bonus!

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