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  1. Fun, yes... scary, very much so!
  2. Hahahaha! Well, happy birthday BTTB! I'm proud to say I have been here since 2004 - I might not be very active anymore but I do pop in every now and then. BTTB helped me through some pretty crappy teenage years and gave me the friends I didn't have in the real world. I've since grown up quite a lot and I'm now happily married and have some good friends, but I will never forget what BTTB did for me. I too remember the games arcade - I used to play a lot of Tetris! - and I have some very fond memories of (among others): *BTTB BB and The Love Shack *A certain someone who was slightly fixated with a certain actress... but we won't name names (did I say that was a fond memory? Well, it certainly wasn't for Dan F at that hotel...) *Moderating a (largely!) lovely bunch of forum members who hardly ever gave me any trouble *Hacking into Ryan's account to change his gender to female and his favourite TV show to My Little Pony... I can't remember what he did to deserve it but we Mods all ganged up on his for some reason (but being Ryan, he took it very well) * MSN group chats well into the early hours of the morning when I really should have been in bed (I had school in the morning y'know!) I have lot of great memories and no doubt I will post some more when they occur to me. In the meantime, I just want to say, thank you BTTB for getting me through some tough times - don't know what I'd have done without you (and that's not an exaggeration). Here's to another 10 years - and no doubt I'll still be lurking around then! Dan - I remember Golden Oldies, but for the life of me, I can't remembers what it was... I'm thinking a thread in General Chat, started by Di maybe...?
  3. A TV tuner for my laptop (purely so I can record the H&A Early Years episodes starting on 5Star tomorrow) 'Backcurrant' hair dye Black skinny jeans
  4. Haha, didn't realise things had got that bad! Actually, I think I've just found one... obviously wasn't looking in the right place... *roll eyes*
  5. LIfe's treating me pretty well... so sorry I effectively gave this place up (I didn't mean to, honest!), but I won't be a stranger from now on I promise (why can't I find a just generally happy smiley?) xx
  6. I was too young to appreciate Bobby 'back in the day' but having the chance to watch H&A from the beginning has definitely made me re-evaulate my top-5 characters of all time- and that is wholly because of Bobby. I am so glad I have been given the chance to watch these episodes.
  7. *Huggles* to you too Musie! Hope you're well Sweetie? xx
  8. Hey guys I have been absent from this forum for far too long. Some of the best years of my life were spent posting on this wonderful board and I am so sorry that I haven't contributed for such a long time. Times change and lives change (mine especially) but I am back... and I thank everybody on this forum who helped me to come to terms with who I was when I couldn't. I don't know who is still around from the 'old crowd', but thank you, Guys. Thank you for making the worst time of my life the very best. Liz
  9. Roo smokes in one scene while she is pregnant. Dodge also smokes.
  10. Does anybody have an idea what song is played in the Diner when Steven and Dodge are mucking about towards the end of #333? The lyrics, to the best of my hearing, are something along the lines of "Kiss and tell, my heart's on fire". I probably intepreted them incorrectly, but I really like the tune and nothing is coming up in a Google search.
  11. Liz

    Coronation Street

    I really enjoyed the Easter Sunday episode. I knew that Bruno Langley (Todd) was making an appearance, but I wasn't expecting three other former characters to turn up. I'm wondering whether Todd and Jules may, at some point, join the cast. Corrie seems to have put some work into writing Jules' character, so it would be strange, to me, if he wasn't used again. I quite liked him. ETA: I was expecting a scene between Todd and Nick. Shame that didn't materialise.
  12. Liz

    Coronation Street

    I just wanted it all to be forgotten, which I don't often find when the character has been responsible (indirect or otherwise) for three deaths. I think Corrie has written it well, because I genuinely feel sympathy for John - plus I really want Fiz to be happy!
  13. Liz

    Coronation Street

    Did anybody else really grow to like John and 'the Stape family' and just wanted everything to be forgotten and for them to live happily ever after?
  14. Liz


    Ah, why can't Ronnie ever find happiness? The storywriters really have put her through the mill. Some soap characters are always remembered as tragic figures, and Sam Janus has done such a good job that I think Ronnie will always be remembered.
  15. not sure, i'm British so this show is all i'm going on! since i've started watching the early years it always amuses me the language they use. you could go for "go jump" or "do one" instead. Bobby is really witty, for instance in an episode i watched recently in which Lance won $500k she asked Celia if Lance could store the money in her mouth, as the bank wouldn't be big enough but she's come up with some really good put downs as well, can't think of any right now though Since starting to watch the Early Years, I've found myself ending sentences with "but" (as opposed to "though"). It's turned into a bad habit!
  16. No, he didn't cheat. He pushed her out of the bed once he had woken up enough to realise that she was not Jade, but the producers didn't feel the need to show that bit. I share your sentiment - Nick and Jade were a great couple and that storyline didn't do them justice. Actually, almost all of Jade's storylines from that point on didn't do her justice.
  17. This is a very trivial question, but I'll ask it nonetheless. When Narelle auditions for Frank's band, she 'sings' a song, the lyrics of which are something like "What can I do to make you stay? Dance the night away" and so forth. She also 'sings' it to herself some hundred or so episodes later. Is this a genuine song or was it made up for the show? I've Googled the lyrics, but haven't foudn anything.
  18. Thanks for that. I just found it very strange.
  19. Same here. Thanks for everything, guys.
  20. Was it ever explained why Samantha was able to stay with her dad? I know that it was only Carly who he abused, but I would have thought that if he was deemed an unfit father to one child, both would be taken away.
  21. Liz


    I was impressed with the handling of Billie's death. EastEnders could have sought high drama, Billie being found seriously ill but alive and rushed to A&E, and of the sha-bang that goes with such storylines. Instead, the true nature of death was portrayed; it can often be sudden and is usually low-key. What was important was the aftermath and the other characters' reactions, which were superb. I was disappointed by how little we saw of Alan, but perhaps he will return for the funeral.
  22. The toast dipped in the tea? That's yummy, even with butter! I'm currently lay in bed with a rather large bar of Dairy Milk.
  23. Happy birthday, Tom! x

  24. Liz


    I'm ceratinly not warming to them. I may be in the minority, but I'd love Bradley and Stacey to be back together. I know that she hurt him, but I really did think that they were good together.
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