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  1. Yeah I think she did.
  2. Yeah it was good, it was about Johnny Cash's life.Rhys Whitherspoon was absolutely great playing her part.
  3. Im tired I just finished watching some movie Walk the line.
  4. Control myself-LL cool j ft J-lo Doin it-LL cool J
  5. I love my chick-Busta Rhymes ft Kelis & Will.I.AM Pulling me back-Chingy ft tyrese Buttons-Pussy Cat dolls ft snoop dogg Snitch-Obie trice ft Akon I do-Chingy Never gonna get it-Sean Bigg ft topic & akon I'm in love with a stripper-T pain
  6. Bahah I've had like 3 I go back on thursday....Yay I got a job w00t. Whats a sorority sister?
  7. Umm I dunno maybe none
  8. I know that I'm just being sarcastic...
  9. Sorry but... who are you again? I don't remember you at all. What a shame....I dont remember you too.
  10. Yeah you get that laters
  11. Right.....ahh sorry amir I'm over this website already cya you all once in a blue moon if your lucky!!
  12. Why do they do it on purpose and whose chris?
  13. Ahh amir has been bugging me for ages to come on here so how is everyone goin? So whats been happening? Amir always is bugging people to do something!!!! Yeah and your point?
  14. Ahh amir has been bugging me for ages to come on here so how is everyone goin? So whats been happening?
  15. Come again! I really need to stop coming on here.
  16. Wanna get to know you-G unit So sick-Neyo J.O.D.D-Ft Khia Tampa TOny, Trick Daddy My Kneck-Khia
  17. w00t no school today,I got the day off for "Stress" lol.
  18. Lol I can kind of believe them there ^^.
  19. I dont think so, your pretty funny lol.
  20. Not babys though they are so cute!
  21. The minds these days living in the gutter, what a shame!! *shakes head* Lol.
  22. Hey havent talken to you in like a while lol
  23. Hey all, I wont be on for a while just got some problems going on so see you's around!!
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