The Rest

At the bottom end of the countdown to the Neighbours Most Popular Character 2021, we reveal the characters who received a handful of votes, but not enough to make it into the top 100 – we present ‘The Rest’.

140. Alf Taylor

Played by Frank Bren

140= Alice Wells/Heather Schilling

Played by Kerry Armstrong

140= Allan Steiger

Played by Joe Clements

140= Andre Rieu

Played by himself

140= Andrea Somers

Played by Madeleine West

140= Bronwyn Davies

Played by Rachel Friend

140= Cassius Grady

Played by Joe Davidson

140= Dane Canning

Played by Luke Pegler

140= Eileen Clarke

Played by Myra De Groot

140= Gemma Ramsay

Played by Beth Buchanan

140= Lance Wilkinson

Played by Andrew Bibby

140= Liljana Bishop

Played by Marcella Russo

140= Malcolm Kennedy

Played by Benjamin McNair

140= Maria Ramsay

Played by Dasha Bláhová

140= Nate Kinski

Played by Meyne Wyatt

140= Paul McClain

Played by Jansen SPencer

140= Rachel Kinski

Played by Caitlin Stasey

140= Serena Bishop

Played by Lara Sacher

140= Shane Ramsay

Played by Peter O’Brien

140= Shane Rebecchi

Played by Greg O’Meara & Nicholas Coghlan

140= Todd Landers

Played by Kristian Schmid

161. Adam Rhodes

Played by Benjamin Hart

161= Ajay Kapoor

Played by Sachin Joab

161= Angie Rebecchi

Played by Lesley Baker

161= Britney Barnes

Played by Montana Cox

161= Cheryl Stark

Played by Caroline Gillmer & Colette Man

161= Clancy Rebecchi

Played by Rocky

161= Dahl the Galah

Supplied by Animal Actors

161= Daniel Robinson

Played by Tim Phillipps

161= Danny Ramsay

Played by David Clencie

161= Hugo Rebecchi

Played by John Turner

161= Jack Lassiter

Played by Alan Hopgood

161= Jack Scully

Played by Paul Pantano & Jay Bunyan

161= Janelle Timmins

Played by Nell Feeney

161= Jesse Porter

Played by Cameron Robbie

161= Kerry Bishop

Played by Linda Hartley-Clark

161= Marlene Kratz

Played by Moya O’Sullivan

161= Matt Turner

Played by Josef Brown

161= Michelle Scully

Played by Kate Keltie

161= Mishti Sharma

Played by Scarlet Vas

161= Naomi Canning

Played by Morgana O’Reilly

161= Oliver Barnes

Played by David Hoflin

161= Rhys Lawson

Played by Ben Barber

161= Rosemary Daniels

Played by Joy Chambers

161= Rosetta Cammeniti

Played by Natalie Saleeba

161= Rosie Hoyland

Played by Maggie Millar

161= Stu Parker

Played by Blair McDonough

161= Terry Inglis

Played by Maxine Klibingaitis

161= Tim Collins

Played by Ben Anderson