Those Who Didn’t Make It

With everyone’s favourites out of the way…as requested, here’s all the main characters from over the years that no-one voted for!

Tom Fletcher (1998-1990)
This one was a real surprise since Tom still seems to have his fans. But I guess with him being the first main character to die, it’s been a long time since even 7TWO viewers had a regular dose of him. Tom was the show’s original patriarch as he and Pippa turned up in town with a cavalcade of foster children.

Frank Morgan (1988-1989)
One of the original foster children, Frank was the first husband of both Bobby and Roo as he shaped up to be one of the show’s first ladies’ men. He only lasted about a year and a half but return appearances in the 90s and 00s kept him in people’s memories for a while.

Floss McPhee (1988-1989)
Another original, Floss was a retired circus fortune teller who lived at the caravan park and had a grandmotherly relationship with the Fletcher children. She actually managed to come back for a guest stint in 2000 (where most viewers probably struggled to remember who she was) and a few other times up to Sally’s departure, where she saved Aden from the Diner collapse.

Neville McPhee (1988-1989)
Floss’ husband had even less to do than her, as their back story of having a son who’d washed his hands of them and gone off to raise a family got dropped after about 50 episodes, leaving Nev to wander around doing nothing for a year or so. Floss’ announcement that he’d died off-screen on her return sadly reflected the fate of actor Frank Lloyd.

Martin Dibble (1988-1990)
Martin was Lance’s best friend in the early days, roping him into scams and trying to cash in on bunyip sightings. He also made a memorable but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to romance Carly. Having left to join the army, Martin was another one who made a spate of return appearances around fifteen years ago to remind people who he was.

Matt Wilson (1988-1991)
Even the actor that played Matt described him as the highest paid extra in history. One line of dialogue in the pilot and it didn’t get much better, as he spent nearly four years serving coffee in the Diner. Matt can be best summed up by the fact that the thing he’s most famous for, disappearing into a cupboard, didn’t actually happen.

Adam Cameron (1989-1994)
So…Millicent Staples got a vote but the regular character she had her storyline with didn’t? Okay… Adam kind of replaced Martin as the show’s resident lovable rogue, whose get rich quick schemes tended to leave him out of pocket. Famously ended up being ostracised by the rest of the town for causing the accident that killed Bobby, before spending his last few months on the show sharing a house with Irene.

Viv Newton (1989-1990)
Viv was a character I’d never heard of until I stumbled across this site’s opening titles gallery. She was kind of the Skye of her day, getting a memorable debut storyline about an abusive relative and then being overshadowed by her feisty best mate and not really doing anything for the rest of her time on the show. Had a memorable will they/won’t they relationship with Steven.

Emma Jackson (1989-1990)
Emma’s probably more famous for who played her than anything she actually did. Ailsa’s niece turned up as a punk but that didn’t last long and she soon ended up dating a boy who played the piano. And Adam. After losing best mate Viv, she ended up ditching school to become an air hostess, never to be mentioned again.

Grant Mitchell (1990-1991)
Another character who’s probably best remembered for who played him (and having the same name as a rather more famous soap character) rather than anything he actually did. One of a long line of “cool teachers”, Grant hung around for a year or so without really doing much and even got taken off the credits at the start of 1991, nine months before his last appearance, because he was appearing so little.


Ben Lucini (1990-1991)
Ben’s famous for marrying Carly and not a lot else. Quitting the army in order to settle in Summer Bay, all his attempts to make it on civvy street met with dismal failure so he ended up going back to the army and taking Carly with him. Still, it’s a shame that licensing issues meant we never got to see Thor vs. Doctor Doom. That would have been a real mind screw.

Karen Dean (1990-1991)
Karen started out as Blake’s sweet-natured sister but constant rejection saw her get together with one of the show’s resident bad boys, back in the days when that was treated as a bad idea. A string of robberies and one vehicular manslaughter later, she went off for a stay in juvenile detention and came back as bad as ever to take Blake away. And Ailsa still seemed to visit her on a regular basis!

Haydn Ross (1990-1991)
Michael’s son was another of the early 90s teens who didn’t really do much, romancing Sophie and forming a double act with Blake before going to live with his mother after eleven months. He made a couple of return appearances in the 90s where he was revealed to have a gambling addiction and then had the indignity of being dumped for Donald Fisher.

Nick Parrish (1991-1994)
The first in a long line of regular cops, after a couple of recurring GDs in the first two years, Nick bucked the trend by actually being pretty competent and not spending all his time chasing after cases that were nothing to do with him. After spending a year or two in an infamously turgid love triangle, he was mostly just used as Shane’s brother. Not that he came back for his wedding. Or anything else.

Lucinda Croft (1991-1992)
Donald’s niece, Lucinda started well but ended up spending most of her time on the show trying to decide whether she should be with Nick or guest antagonist Ryan and forgetting all about the baby that she’d gone all out to prove was her niece. In the end, she ended up with neither of them, as a behind-the-scenes falling out saw her make an abrupt exit leaving Ryan with nothing to do.

Finlay Roberts (1991-1994)
Irene’s only daughter is probably the one of her children that she mentions most but she still doesn’t get a vote, possibly because some fans still can’t get past the odd way that Will Smith labelled her a bad daughter without ever having met her. She lasted longer than most of the forgettable 90s teens but was mostly overshadowed by Blake and Sophie.

Greg Marshall (1991-1993)
Bobby’s second husband, Greg arrived in town looking to get to know Sam, the son he’d never known. Greg doesn’t seem to have been particularly popular, with a stubborn streak a mile long and a desire to be the breadwinner of the family taken to extreme lengths, before blotting his copybook by cheating on Bobby and pretty much abandoning Sam after she died.

Simon Fitzgerald (1991-1992)
Simon was basically Haydn’s replacement as Blake’s best friend and…that was pretty much it, another case of a well-acted character given nothing to do. He lived with Alf and Ailsa for a bit, was quite close to Sophie until that got forgotten about and was played by an actor who was poached from Neighbours, but no-one can remember him being in that either.

Roxy Miller (1992-1995)
Imagine Sally and Miles fifteen years earlier: Roxy was Blake’s previously unknown sister who turned up just before Blake left, so got to take his room at Alf and Ailsa’s. She stuck around to romance a couple of forgettable characters and that bloke off The Mentalist, and was also the first victim of the cancer cluster, although she quickly got better.

Luke Cunningham (1993-1994)
No, we haven’t printed a photo of Atticus Decker by mistake: Twenty years ago, John Adam was the saxophone-playing history teacher who had an on-off romance with Roxy and a fairly good storyline with his mentally disabled brother before being one of many characters written out in the latter part of 1994 to make room for the incoming teen group.


Sarah Thompson (1993-1994)
Seemingly the forgotten member of the classic early-mid-90s teen group, Sarah scraped into the lower fringes of the poll last time round but has now dropped out again. Best friends with Angel and Damian and girlfriend of Tug for a few months (not that that stopped the 2000s show announcing they got married), Sarah seems to be another one suffering the curse of the nice character.

Rob Storey (1994-1995)
Rob possibly deserves an award as the most forgotten character in the show: Even the writers forgot about him, as he just disappeared without an exit story even though he was living in a flat that we’d already seen. Then the characters kept on occasionally mentioning him as if he was still around, just to be really jarring. Romanced Roxy and worked as a teacher for a bit before buying the boat shed.

Donna Bishop (1994-1995)
The Natalie Davison of the 90s, Donna turned up as a school counsellor that everyone seemed to know already even though we’d never seen her. Her status as the lost love of Rob’s life never really went anywhere and she’s mostly remembered for a domestic violence storyline in the middle of her run, as well as counselling Shannon during her abuse storyline.

Travis Nash (1995-1999)
Travis popped up in the middle of 1995 as if he’d always been there and was the first resident of what’s probably best known as Leah’s house. He married Don Fisher’s daughter and ended up running the caravan park and looking after the foster family for a while, spontaneously gaining an extended family with brother Joel around the same time.

Kelly Watson (1995-1997)
One of a long line of Summer Bay medics, no sooner had Kelly popped up for a few shifts at the hospital than she was sharing a house with Steven and Travis and taking in teenagers. She and Travis had a bit of a chalk and cheese thing going on for a while but in the end she chose her career over him and headed off for the bright lights of the city.

Alex Bennett (1995-1996)
Alex took a long time to make it onto the opening credits, then left not long after. Alex spent ten months as Shannon’s older boyfriend and Shane and Angel’s lodger, with a back story about being born in a cult that saw him revealed as Joey Rainbow’s half-brother. Eventually ended up in Paris. Like Shannon.

Liam Tanner (1996-1997)
The first of the forgotten late-mid-90s teen group to be introduced: Stay alert because there’s a lot of them in this list. Taken in by Michael and Pippa on the day Michael died, Liam stuck around for a while doing generic teenage boy things and being best friends with Joey while famously losing soul mate Stephanie in a hiking accident.

Stephanie Mboto (1996-1997)
Stephanie was shoehorned into Travis’ back story so she could be taken in by him and Kelly. Often referred to as the show’s only black regular by people who’ve forgotten Tiegan and Elijah, Stephanie is most famous for falling off a cliff. But what else are they going to remember her for, being the reincarnation of someone who killed Liam in a past life? (Yes, really.)

Casey Mitchell (1996-1997)
The piano-playing rebel with a really bizarre set of back stories, including the left field reveal that Rebecca was her father’s mistress, which resulted in her going to live with Don Fisher. After bouncing between most of the boys in her age group and Curtis, she left under something of a cloud after leading a bullying campaign against a student teacher.

Tiegan Brook (1997-1999)
One of Pippa’s crisis care kids, Tiegan proved popular enough to be brought back as a regular a few months later. She had a notable romance with Joey and a plotline about trying to be a professional rock star, before leaving to live with Pippa. Not that Pippa actually seemed to remember her on any of her return visits.


Lachlan Fraser (1997-1998)
Lachie followed Alex’s lead in being a rather old love interest for the over-saturated teen group, romancing Shannon and Chloe and getting the latter pregnant. The show spent a year building them up as the new golden couple only for the actor to quit, so Lachie ended up having a brain haemorrhage and dying off screen.

Aaron Welles (1997-1998)
Alf found Aaron sleeping rough in his bait shop so took him home with him, mainly because the show needed a replacement for departing Liam. After a romance with Casey that saw him carry a knife around to protect her, he left to become a rock star but popped up out of nowhere at the beginning of the 1999 season to hang around with Joey for a couple of episodes.

Justine Welles (1997-2000)
Aaron’s drug addict sister seemed to be planned as a short-term antagonist but instead ended up turning up again as the last of Pippa’s foster children. Best friends with Tiegan and Gypsy, she stuck around under first Travis and Rebecca and then Joel and Natalie, just missing out on the Channel 5 era when she left for uni.

James Fraser (1998-2000)
After a largely forgotten cameo played by a different actor, James swept into town just after Lachie’s departure to marry his ex-girlfriend, then swept into town again after Chloe’s death to take custody of his niece/ex-stepdaughter. Unfortunately, recent rather bizarre developments mean he’s probably going to be remembered for inadvertently letting her get abused.

Will Smith (1998-2002)
Will was in the Top 40 last time round but has nose-dived into oblivion. Despite romances with Peta and Dani, he’s mostly remembered for his long-running on-off relationship with Gypsy, which saw them get married and leave together…which should have been the end of it but instead he killed someone in self-defence, dumped their body in the sea and let a respected resident go to jail for it. Hmm…

Natalie Nash (1998-2000)
The mother of the new Nashes, a change of actress between seasons saw Natalie turn from a sporty PE teacher to a more caring mother figure just in time to take over the caravan park. Unfortunately, she’ll be forever marred by a bizarre exit storyline in which she cheated on her husband and had another man’s baby…which was so out of character even the writers couldn’t imagine it, so just announced it had happened off screen.

Tom Nash (1998-2000)
Son of Joel and Natalie and older brother of Gypsy, Tom hung around with the tail-enders of the forgotten teen group and shared a house with Vinnie for a while, eventually upping and leaving during the mass clear-out of 2000. Came back to visit Gypsy the following year where he rather oddly decided to romance Sally. No-one remembered that when the actors appeared together in Cops LAC!

Ken Smith (1999-2000)
Ken was the alcoholic father of the Smith family, who seemed the perfect match for Irene as he cleaned himself up and tried to rebuild his relationship with his children. Out of all the men on the show, he’s come closest to taking Irene down the aisle but got killed a few weeks before the wedding when a car fell on him. He did hang about as a ghost for years afterwards though.

Mitch McColl (1999-2001)
Another of Alf and Ailsa’s boarders that they took off the street, Mitch had a decent big brother relationship with Duncan and made his way through a fair number of the girls on the show in a fairly short space of time. Things went south after Ailsa’s death though, so after a brief period lodging with Vinnie and Gypsy, he ended up reunited with some distant relatives he’d never heard of.

Shauna Bradley (1999-2001)
The show probably meant Shauna to be to Ailsa what Bobby was to Donald, but instead Ailsa died, Duncan left and Shauna and Alf were left struggling to work out what to say to each other. Spent a fair chunk of time living in the “girls’ house” with Sally and Leah before a falling out over Flynn saw her leave under a cloud…only to come back for Jude’s departure.


Judith Ackroyd (1999-2000)
Unlike screen son Edward, Judith failed to pick up any points despite being on the show before and after him. Judith took over as Summer Bay High principal after Donald stood down and it looked like a relationship between the pair was inevitable, until she decided to defy expectations by romancing Joel Nash instead.

Nick Smith (2000-2003)
After a brief appearance the previous year played by a different actor (we’ll forget that one of Will’s early episodes saw him look at a photo of two children who clearly aren’t Nick and Hayley), Nick joined the rest of the Smith siblings just in time to see his father die and his mother get carted off in a straitjacket, so it’s no wonder he was angry for most of the next three years.

Shelley Sutherland (2000-2002)
The mother of the Sutherland family, Shelley handily arrived in town just as the teens were looking for someone to run the drop-in centre. Unfortunately, like Natalie before her, when Shelley quit the show before the rest of her family she received more than a little character assassination, turning overnight from a kindly social worker to the snobby trophy fiancée of a smarmy lawyer.

Dani Sutherland (2000-2004)
Ah, Dani. She wasn’t a bad character but she made the mistake of coming between golden couple Will and Gypsy, then got treated as a hate figure because she got a bit funny about her sister dating the boy who raped her. Despite this, she stuck it out for a few years, was a decent big sister for the most part and coped with a brief period of being wrongly imprisoned before leaving to become a writer or something.

Jade Sutherland (2000-2004)
The youngest Sutherland girl had a sweet, long-running, slow-burn relationship with Nick that really should have given her a happy ending. Unfortunately, she instead stuck around into the following year, randomly took Seb’s virginity, did drugs with Duncan and left under a cloud, complete with the rather bizarre reveal that she wasn’t actually a Sutherland at all.

Brodie Hanson (2000-2002)
Fostered by Rhys and Shelley after being the first client at the drop-in centre, Brodie seems to get labelled Worst Character Ever a lot, probably because people still haven’t quite forgiven her for blaming Alex for her boyfriend’s death. Despite this, she and Alex were obviously soul mates so it was only right that she came back for his exit and they went off into the sunset together. Then he came back and announced she’d cheated on him.

Jude Lawson (2000-2002)
Noah’s older brother wasn’t the most memorable of characters, not least because his two main love interests are also on this list. He did a decent job acting as guardian to Noah and Seb (see below) and was best friends with Flynn. Left under a bit of a cloud after choosing Shauna over Charlotte and didn’t come back for Noah’s wedding or funeral.

Alex Poulos (2001-2004)
Leah’s younger brother rocked up one day and ended up staying for about three years, working his way through a fair amount of girlfriends and best friends in that time and acting like a latter-day Adam Cameron. The fact that Leah recently mentioned going to visit him to explain her being absent for a few weeks was a bit of a relief, since they didn’t seem to have spoken since he used her as a drug mule.

Seb Miller (2001-2004)
By the time the 21st century came round, someone seems to have decided Don was a bit too old to have previously unknown children turn up, so instead gave him a previously unknown grandson. Seb doesn’t seem to have a good reputation, mainly because he struggled for screen time until getting an eating disorder storyline after two years of doing not much. He then ended up in a wheelchair just before he left.

Charlotte Adams (2001-2002)
With the UK a year behind Australia at the time, we were handily informed by soap mags “Don’t get attached to that new character, she’s just died.” The world seemed to have it in for Charlotte: Introduced with a domestic abuse storyline, her last few months in Summer Bay saw her have a double miscarriage, get dumped and drown. No wonder Floss said it was downhill from there.


Josh West (2001-2003)
Being called Josh doesn’t seem to bring you a lot of luck in Home and Away. Fifteen years ago, we had Josh West, a kid from a rich family trying to distance himself from his parents’ world by becoming a lifeguard. After romancing Hayley and Dani, he suddenly turned into a ruthless businessman and corrupt politician. As with Commander Spock, you can tell if he’s evil by whether or not he’s got a beard.

Max Sutherland (2002-2004)
Max slips out of the poll after being in the lower fringes last time round, not surprising perhaps since his appearances in repeats tend to be met with blank faces. An early member of that mid-00s teen group, Max had a bit of a crush on classmate-cum-step-cousin Matilda and got to star in a remake of Blake and Meg’s storyline with a dying girlfriend, before being abruptly sent off to boarding school after Rhys left.

Scott Hunter (2003-2005)
The oldest of the Hunter children and seemingly one of the least memorable. Scott was apparently meant to be one of the show’s most eligible bachelors but the show accidentally made him a bit of a loser, to the point that you wondered what Dani and Hayley saw in him. Then again, they’d dated Josh West. Maybe Scott was considered an upgrade.

Henry Hunter (2004-2005)
Probably even less memorable than Scott, when Henry turns up in repeats not only do people ask who he is, they continue to look blank when you tell them. He had a rivalry turned friendship with Max, then a rivalry turned friendship with Ric and…nope, that was about it. The show didn’t even bother to give him a departure storyline: He went away with the rest of the family and they came back without him.

Barry Hyde (2004-2006)
Barry seemed to be an attempt to come up with a new Don Fisher, complete with antagonistic relationship with his students, difficult relationship with his son, silly nickname and turning nice after a few months. Despite turning into a sympathetic character and pretty much the only long-term love interest Irene’s had since Ken, Barry got written out after killing a former main character in self-defence back when it was a Bad Thing (okay, I’ll stop now).

Josie Russell (2004-2005)
Like John Adam, Laurie Foell got votes for her guest character but not her regular role. Josie was Angie’s good identical cousin, although the townsfolk didn’t quite manage to get it into their heads that she was a good guy, as despite saving them from being turned into a toxic dump she got run out of town for cheating on Jesse, then run out of town again for kissing Scott when they were both single. How dare she!

Ric Dalby (2004-2008)
Last time Ric was in the Top 30, this time he’s…nowhere, the highest placed absentee from last time round. Poor guy, even Alf seems to have forgotten about him given that he recently dubbed Bryce “my favourite grandson”. Still, if the last image we have of him is him and long-term girlfriend Matilda closing the curtains after their latest reunion, then at least he went out on a high.

Dan Baker (2004-2007)
Dan came to town after hearing his brother was in a coma and somehow ended up marrying Leah. They hit difficulties when he had a gambling addiction and went into meltdown but got back together, after which he spent about two years not really doing anything before dying off-screen, at which point Irene puzzled everyone by declaring he was like a son to her even though they’d barely spoken.

Cassie Turner (2005-2008)
The once classic mid-2000s teen group seem to be fading from memory given how many of them have turned up here. Cassie started well, a feisty character with an abuse back story, but lost support as she cheated on Ric for no good reason, copped off with an annoying bad boy she hated five minutes earlier and seduced a middle-aged rapist. Contracted HIV and immediately left.

Jack Holden (2005-2009)
Not too long ago, Jack and Martha were the biggest thing in the show, but their protracted on/off relationship, in which he married her, divorced her, married someone else and drove her to suicide, married her again and then died, was so meandering that a lot of people had stopped caring by about two years in. And so Jack drops out of the poll for the first time ever.


Lucas Holden (2005-2008)
Jack’s younger brother was the sensitive one among the teen group and the one who managed to get Matilda into line, more or less. Unfortunately he was sabotaged a bit by a surprisingly dull storyline about him having slept with his teacher and was left hanging around with not much to do until he became the first of the teens to leave in the massive 2008 exodus.

Drew Curtis (2006-2008)
Drew continues to be less popular than his parents. He suffered many of the same problems as Jack, since his time on the show seemed to revolve entirely around his on/off relationship with Belle, as they broke up and got back together on an almost weekly basis, with the added problem that they stabbed nice guy Lucas in the back. Ended up living with his stepmother who he once slept with.

Brad Armstrong (2006-2007)
Brad was Rachel’s brother…but the show mostly seemed to forget about that, as he was quickly cast as Sally’s new love interest and barely had any scenes with Rachel. He could never quite measure up to Flynn, so after a disastrous engagement he got written out after a year or so, heading off with his newly discovered half-sister and a woman who looked like the Barretts’ mother.

Geoff Campbell (2007-2010)
Once the show’s hunk, Geoff is now among the show’s forgotten. For at least his first six months, he seemed to be an attempt to do something different, a dedicated Christian with strong if rather judgemental morals. Unfortunately, he was soon sleeping with Nicole and Ruby as if his original character traits had been forgotten, although he was rescued a bit by his exit to go and be a missionary.

Annie Campbell (2007-2009)
Geoff’s younger sister seemed to get considerably less attention: The curse of the nice character kicked in and best friend Ruby got all the storylines while she frowned a bit in the background. On the plus side, she did manage to stay more or less true to her original character, at least until her badly judged last few months which culminated in her coming back to town to follow Romeo around for a bit.

Jai Fernandez (2008-2009)
Another character from the supposed new wave of foster children who suffered from not being given much to do, despite a good relationship with Miles. His romance with Annie was so low key that by the time they randomly broke up most people had forgotten they were even meant to be together, and ultimately he went on an exchange trip to Japan and never came back.

Angelo Rosetta (2008-2011)
Has there ever been a character more controversial than Angelo? After making the mistake of coming between a popular couple and leaving Aden/Belle fans convinced he was secretly a baddie, he then ended the popular Jack/Martha pairing by mistakenly shooting one half of it. He then dated Charlie on/off for a bit while fans clamoured for her to choose someone more respectable (like Brax), and actually had to stay out of the police force when forced to resign, although that did mean he got to live.

Hugo Austin (2009-2010)
We were promised a year long mystery in 2009, which ultimately turned out to be the question of whether new character Hugo was involved in a people smuggling operation. As it would have been a bit dull if the answer had been no, there wasn’t that much of a mystery. Hugo managed to come back for a guest stint after being exposed and was last seen on the run with Martha.

Liam Murphy (2009-2013)
First seen as a world famous rock star that Belle got to interview, Liam proceeded to spend an awful lot of time in a quiet seaside town for someone internationally famous. Most notable for having a drug relapse at least once a year and having an on/off relationship with Bianca that even their wedding didn’t bring stability to, he’s another one who’s fallen out of the poll since last time.

Bianca Scott (2010-2014)
Another character to have dipped out of the poll, Bianca was something of a serial bride, moving from a smarmy Italian prince to a washed up rock star to a kind-hearted criminal type. This actually felt like upgrades, which shows how smarmy the Italian prince was. In between, she was one of the better high school principals when she wasn’t taking a leave of absence every time she and Heath had a row.


Elijah Johnson (2011-2012)
Elijah’s lost his one point from last time round, which isn’t perhaps that much of a surprise. The local reverend, Elijah didn’t really do anything worth remembering. He dated Leah for a bit, had a marriage of convenience and…no, that was pretty much it.

Josh Barrett (2013-2016)
Well, this is a surprise: Of all the absentees from the last poll, I wasn’t expecting the nicer Barrett brother to be the one who still has yet to make his freshman appearance. Then again, Charlotte King did rank fairly highly. Maybe people still haven’t forgiven him?

Skye Peters (2015-2016)
Since the last poll, Skye has been and gone, seemingly without making much of an impression. Skye was another victim of the curse of the nice character, overshadowed by best friend Olivia and lumbered with a rather bizarre crush on Oscar that the show was determined not to take anywhere. Her departure seemed to have at least one key scene missing, so it’s not entirely clear where she ended up.

Justin Morgan (2016-present)
The first of two current characters not to garner any votes. Justin didn’t start off particularly well, seeming like a distillation of all the worst elements of Brax, Heath and Andy, but settled down, stopped losing his temper all the time and managed to gain a sense of humour. Of course, he also got paired with Phoebe, so you can’t have everything.

Mason Morgan (2016-present)
Mason seems to be most people’s least favourite Morgan, so it’s perhaps not a surprise that if anyone was going to end up on nul points, it was him. He hasn’t been helped by the fact that most of his storylines seemed to have centred around doomed relationships. And that he’s played by that guy that played a stalker in Neighbours.


So, will any of these get any points next time? Will any of this year’s poll be joining them? With any luck, we’ll find out in two years, same time, same webspace!