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2007 opened with Sally bleeding in the school car park after being stabbed by Rocco. Unfortunately for her, Brad didn’t notice her went back to his appartment to get ready for their planned date. When she didn’t turn up, Brad went back to the school and found her bleeding on the ground and he rushed her to hospital where emergency surgery was carried out upon her. Sally eventually pulled through and the search was on to find her attempted killer. Rocco was racked with guilt and was getting ready to leave Summer Bay when Sally finally remembered – it was Rocco. Ric used Johnny to track Rocco down, but Johnny’s henchmen had found Rocco first and gave him a damm good beating. Rocco died of his injuries. Ric was then framed for his murder and sent to prison, but Lucas managed to trick Johnny into a confession and Ric was released.

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Morag left Summer Bay after her constant interfering in Martha’s affairs led to Martha spelling out the truth to Morag, leaving Morag hurt. However, Martha had been true about Ash’s double life and Martha soon dumped him and terminated her pregnancy with Ash returning to his family. Martha then went from one problem to another and found herself a new boyfriend, strip club owner Cam Reynolds. After working briefly up as a bar-maid, she soon became Cam’s grandee dancer. However Cam soon ran into money trouble and in effort to correct this he tried to burn down the club. However Martha was still inside and she was saved by Jack. Martha’s secret had been uncovered on Peter’s buck night, but more about that later.

The longest running story of the early part of the year was however the Rachel-Kim-Kit love triangle (or V) which briefly became a square when Hugh arrived in the bay. Kim was torn between Rachel, his wife and Kit, the mother of his baby. For months he twoed and froed between the two women. Hugh Sullivan arrived in town during the middle part of the year and Rachel began falling for him. Eventually, Kim chose Kit over Rachel and he left the bay with Archie.

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After suffering abuse at the hands of Macca, Cassie decided with the help of Dan to set up a helpline. After it was up and running, one of the first callers was Lily Nelson, a girl who was suffering the same kind of abuse Cassie had suffered at the hands of Macca.

Amanda’s sister, Kelli, who had apparently been dreadfully injured in car crash, but was then subsequently played by a glamorous actress turned up in Summer Bay pretending to reconcile with Amanda. Really, she was working with her partner in crime, Ethan, to attempt to tear Amanda’s life apart. First she got Ethan to sleep with Amanda and then revealed the truth at Amanda’s wedding to Peter. She then began to tear her kids, Belle and Ryan away from her, ruined her business before trying to kill her in a flaming car wreck. When everyone in Summer Bay realised what was going on, it was almost too late. Kelli and Ethan were turfed into a jail and Amanda set about rebuilding her life. She moved away from Summer Bay and realising that it was Amanda he wanted to be with, moved to “The City” with her.

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Beth Hunter decided that after spending her life looking after her kids, that she wanted to spread her wings and decided to visit Scott and Hayley in Paris for a couple of months. When she returned Australia she was heading towards Summer Bay when her car was flattened by a truck and she was killed. In the aftermath of this, Matilda almost, because whilst grieving for her mother on the rocks, she was washed out to see. When Lily went out to rescue her, she too got into trouble and almost drowned, leaving it up to Ric to save both of them. Lily eventaully pulled through hospital, but instead of moving back to the caravan park with Cassie and co, she decided to spread her wings.

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Lucas returned from one of many writing camps during the year to find that the woman he had a relationship with at writer’s camp was now his teacher. They tried to keep hush about the relationship, but Colleen found out about it and published it in the local paper. When the department found out how Brad had handled the situation and after Naomi changed her story, Brad ended up being demoted and ultimately leaving Summer Bay High. Tony, grieving after Beth’s death, had a relationship with Naomi and this briefly caused some father-son tension.

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Drew’s old school mate, Jules, moved to the bay on a motorbike and started to try and charm the locals. He began to fall for Lily, however when Lily and Matilda were drowning, he froze due to an accident that had happened involving a former girlfriend. When he returned, Lily had left the bay and despite an initial frostiness, he began to fall for Cassie. When Alex, Leah’s returned to Summer Bay, after being involved in problems in Greece, Alex began to move in on Cassie and so Jules took Alex’s bike and crashed it into a tree. Dan sent him back to his parents and ordered them to pay for the damages. In the meantime Alex’s drug smuggling was uncovered and he left the bay in disgrace…again. Bored during their holidays Belle, Drew and Cassie then went up to Amanda’s old house where they found that Jules was slumming it there. When Drew soon fell out with Dan, he moved into the mansion as well. However a prospective buyer turned up, Drew’s mother Jazz.

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After a series of failed romances and Sam being forced to leave Summer Bay, Jack and Martha began to date again. They were caught skinny-dipping by “Fitzy” and Jack decided to organise a picnic in the country. After, a gun wielding maniac told them to get lost, Jack went after them in all his police force duty, Martha was left alone in the country in the rain. She found shelter in a barn and was found the following morning by Annie and Geoff Campbell, who gave her a lift back to Summer Bay. Martha and Jack soon set about getting divorced. When Brad’s proposal to Sally was initially turned down, the boys went on a cruise when a storm blew up. Martha was just about to tell Jack she loved him when he didn’t come back from the trip. However, Jack had never been on the boat, having just received a call from a new Rory after Sam had been incapicitated with a broken leg.

Sam and Rory moved back to Summer Bay and they were soon followed by Sam’s ex-husband, Shane Deeks. He and his sidekick kidnapped Rory at the surf club whilst Martha was supposed to be looking after him. Jack and Fitzy ended up in car chases and Shane’s van crashed off his road during the chase, fatally injuring him. Rory was soon found on a river bed nearby and with Shane gone, Rory and Sam managed to start rebuilding their lives, with Sam soon proposing to Jack. By the end of the year they had married, despite Martha’s best efforts to stop it and last minute doubts from Jack.

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Drew got caught in some drag-racing scene. During one of these drag races, Lucas’ girlfriend of a week and Drew’s-ex and Denni’s-ex was killed when Denni crashed. Dom, who had been giving Drew stolen parts for his car then torched Drew’s car to try and hide the evidence. Around this time Drew’s mum was trying to steal Drew’s inheritance. With Drew and Belle becoming increasingly irritated with Jazz, they tried to scare her by removing a fuse. However this led to the mansion burning down and Drew ended up paying all his inheritance to Amanda for the house. Later in the year, Drew and Belle ran over Dom who had been stalking Belle. In the season finale, a badly injured Dom showed up asking Belle for help.

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Annie and Geoff Campbell were new arrivals in the teenage group and two of the most different in a long time. They had grown up in an isolated world in a farm with their grandfather or Pop as he was known to them after their parents had been killed in a car crash. It was soon uncovered that Annie should be at school and that Geoff had the option to go to school and they began to integrate into the outside world much to their grandfather’s disapproval. Things reached such a head that they moved out and lived first with Tony and then Irene. Eventually they reconciled with their grandfather and then that afternoon he died of a heart attack. After Geoff and Annie had moved away, Bruce had employed Michael Abrahams aka Jonah from the Believers as a farm hand. After an attempt by Martha to drive him out, the two were stuck down a minshaft together and wond up becoming a couple.

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Donald Fisher returened to Summer Bay, having broken up with June and broke. He revealed that Marilyn was now suffering from cancer. He got the assistant principal job. However, after four years out of teaching, he was found to be hopeless out of his depth, losing Annie and Rory on a school trip and unable to garner the respect of the students. After the Annie/Rory debacle he handed in his resignation. However Morag and Alf stumped up the money required to allow Don to go see Marilyn.

Sally soon acepted Brad’s proposal and they began preparing for the wedding. Brad’s best man Henk arrived in town and Cassie feel head-over heels in love with him. However Rachel was harbouring a terrible secret, Henk had raped her many moons previously and when Brad found out he told Henk to go. Cassie wasn’t so keen to see the back of Henk and they had an on-off relationship throughout the rest of the year, much to Sally’s disapproval. The wedding didn’t go ahead however when Sally realised on the day of the wedding she didn’t want to marry Brad, she wanted to stay married to Flynn and Brad was left standing at the altar or, in these days, some pergola hitched up somewhere.

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Ric got caught up with a particularly naggy customer at work, who was always wanting him to work on her car. Finally Viv got what she wanted and bedded Ric, and then announced that she was carrying his child. Unsurprisingly Matilda and Ric split up.

After his non-wedding, Brad moved out of Summer Bay House and started living in a motel. However, he and Rachel were in for a shock when one of their father’s old sides, Heather, turned up with their half-sister, Tamsyn. Heather was a gambling and dumped Tamsyn upon them and left for a retreat in an attempt to cure her addiction. Tamsyn immediately start ruffling feathers in the bay. After Brad got a job in Tasmania, Tamsyn thought the stability was going to removed from her life again, however Brad offered to take Tamsyn and Heather with them and they moved away from the bay after the school formal. Dan Baker also left the bay towards the end of the year after he was offered a job in America, with Leah selling her stake in the diner to newcomer Roman Harris.

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Alf had problems with his eyesight during the middle of the year which saw his driving license. When one particularly annoying customer at the caravan park asked him to move it, he told her he couldn’t. However her incessant nagging led him to decide to move it and whilst doing so he ran over Toddler Pippa. He then moved out to the Blaxland after Sally saw her safety blanket torn away. Pippa recovered, Sally forgave Alf and everyone was happy again. Towards the end of the year, Alf got his license back and travelled around with some old mates in a caravan. Alf wasn’t the only one with license problems as Cassie had hers taken away after crashing whilst drunk and a few other minor offences.

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Towards the end of the year, several females connected with the hospital were attacked. Julie and Gloria, the nurses were attacked. Sam was chased across the car park and Martha was attacked as well. Suspicion fell on Lewis, Rachel’s short term boyfriend, however he left and the attacks continued and in the season finale, the attacker was revealed to be Reverend Hall.

In the final episode of the year, Sally and Pippa went down to the beach when a derro who had been around the bay for the past few days wrote Milco in the sand.

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