Tanya Osborne

Tanya Osborne (2013, 2015, 2016)
Kathryn Hartman
Episodes: 56815682, 61756177, 64266437

Spouse: Unnamed husband
Children: Maddy Osborne, Annelise Osborne, at least one other daughter, one son

Tanya was the mother of Maddy. Proud when Maddy earned a music scholarship to a private school, she felt Maddy needed to focus on her violin playing at the expense of a social life and opposed her relationship with Spencer, resulting in the two teens running away. Tanya reported Maddy missing, but when the teens turned up in Summer Bay, Maddy called Tanya saying she didn’t want to see her. Roo convinced Tanya to come to town anyway. She and Maddy argued, but Spencer convinced Maddy they should go home. However, Tanya told Roo she intended to send Maddy to a school in Victoria away from distractions. This resulted in Maddy quickly returning to Summer Bay.

Tanya would not see her daughter again for two years, when Maddy called her back to town to tell her she had cancer. She was supportive towards Maddy but furious towards Roo for not telling her earlier, although she later apologised. She tried to convince Maddy to move home, saying her brother and sisters missed her and giving her a bracelet from her sister Annelise. Maddy was open to the idea but was thrown by the news Alf was in hospital in the city after collapsing on the Anzac Day trip. Tanya met Maddy and Oscar at the Diner where she commented on how bad her husband was at his new hobby of gardening and Maddy suggested the important thing was he was happy. Maddy told Tanya that Summer Bay was her home now but suggested she could visit.

A year later, Tanya was again brought back to Summer Bay by a medical matter, when Maddy was injured in the explosion at the caravan park and had to have an arm amputated. Tanya argued with Roo again, not helped by the fact Maddy had gone missing from the hospital unaware she had an infection. She accused Alf and John of not looking hard enough for her and Roo of not looking after her, but a talking to from Alf helped her see they were all on the same side. She visited Maddy in hospital after she was found and tried to convince her to have rehab in the city and to come back to live with the family.

Even though Maddy hadn’t agreed, Tanya took over and went ahead arranging rehab and having Matt pick her up from the hospital rather than Roo. On learning Roo had been partly to blame for the accident by using unsafe gas cyclinders, she declared she was suing her for medical expenses. Maddy was furious when she found out, telling Tanya to stop hurting people she loved. Tanya dropped the lawsuit and accepted Maddy wouldn’t move home but Maddy agreed to spend three months at rehab in the city before going travelling. Tanya attended her farewell party at Salt, where she spoke to Roo and admitted she was jealous of her connection with Maddy. She left town with Maddy next morning.