Ray MacKinnon

Christopher Burke

Ray Mackinnon (2002)
Christopher Burke
Episode: 3258

Marital Status: Carmel Mackinnon
Child: Jemma Mackinnon

Ray was the father of Kirsty Sutherland’s friend Jemma. When Kirsty was hospitalised as a result of taking an ecstasy tablet that Jemma had given her, Ray and his wife Carmel threw Jemma out of their house, which ironically resulted in her being taken in by the Sutherlands. Rhys and Shelley called the Mackinnons over to discuss the situation. Although Ray was unimpressed by the fact Shelley was a social worker, the couple realised that Jemma was sorry for what she’d done and that Kirsty still considered her a friend, so allowed Jemma to return home.