Carmel MacKinnon

Meredith O'Reilly

Carmel Mackinnon (2002)
Meredith O’Reilly
Episode: 3258

Marital Status: Ray Mackinnon
Child: Jemma Mackinnon

Carmel was the mother of Jemma Mackinnon, a friend and hairdressing colleague of Kirsty Sutherland. When Kirsty was hospitalised after taking ecstasy given to her by Jemma, Carmel and her husband Ray threw Jemma out of their home. Despite what had happened, Rhys and Shelley came to sympathise with Jemma and invited Carmel and Ray to meet with them and discuss the situation. Although initially unhappy, the Mackinnons eventually agreed to give Jemma another chance and let her move back home.