Jemma MacKinnon

Thea Gumbert

Jemma MacKinnon (2002)
Thea Gumbert
Episodes: 32323258

Parents: Ray and Carmel MacKinnon
Occupation: Hairdresser

When Kirsty Sutherland dropped out of school and began working as a hairdresser she quickly became friends with Jemma who also worked at that salon. Being a little bit older than Kirsty, Jemma was able to drive and Kirsty used this to her advantage getting Jemma to take her on frequent shopping trips.

Kirsty and Jemma then decided to go out partying one night with Jemma giving Kirsty some fake ID so she could gain access. Upon entering the nightclub they met up with their friends, Sean and Matt. Jemma later bought and offered Kirsty some ecstasy, which she took. Kirsty felt unwell for the rest of the evening and, on returning to the Sutherland house, Jemma convinced Jade that Kirsty’s throwing up was just a result of drinking too much. Jade continued to tend to Kirsty into the morning, and was concerned when she started burning up. Jemma continued to convince Jade that everything would be fine and stopped her from waking up Shelley. Kirsty eventually started having a seizure, and on alerting Rhys and Shelley, Kirsty was rushed to hospital where she briefly flatlined. When the truth eventually came out about the drugs, Jemma was thrown out of home by her parents. Against her parents wishes Kirsty tried to keep in touch with Jemma and then Jude and Flynn found Jemma sleeping rough outside the surf club.

Upon hearing this Shelley and Rhys got in touch with Jemma’s parents, Ray and Carmel, and after a night talking, Jemma went back to live with her parents and Shelley and Rhys allowed Kirsty to see Jemma again, though strangely she never did considering she was so keen to see her when she wasn’t.