Ross Keating

Ross Keating (1989)
James Gleeson
Episodes: 375384

Sibling: Diana Copeland (deceased)
Marital Status: Louise Keating

Ross turned up at the Fletcher house during a dinner Pippa was throwing to celebrate the Fletchers application to adopt Sally. He announced that he was Sally’s uncle and that he wanted her to live back with him and his wife. Sally initially wanted nothing to do with him, so Ross approached Morag for legal advice, and she told him to make friends with the Fletchers. Ross spoke to Tom and Pippa insisting that Sally had a right to get to know her real family and Tom and Pippa reluctantly agreed to let her visit their farmhouse.

Sally’s reluctance soon changed when she spent time at Ross and Louise’s place and discovered lots of toys, a piano and a swimming pool. The Fletchers later received a phone call saying that Sally wanted to stay overnight. After promising Sally a horse if she came to live with them Ross was delighted to find out that Sally had changed her mind about living with him and Louise. When the time came to say goodbye though Sally became too upset and realised that she didn’t want to leave the Fletchers, Carly, Steven etc. Ross threatened that he’d see Tom and Pippa in court, but Louise stepped in and told him that they wouldn’t because Sally belonged with the Fletchers. Defeated, Ross left the Bay and was never mentioned again.