Douglas Maynard

Douglas Maynard (2020)
Adam Booth
Episodes: 72917292

Spouse: Unnamed ex-wife

Address: Lot 133 Stamford Road, Minna Falls, NSW

When Leah went missing after a mysterious phone call, her inactive blog was suddenly made live again, something not noticed by the police or Leah’s friends until several weeks had passed. However, the posts were all misogynstic, the complete opposite of what Leah’s most recent content had been. After a week, an image of Leah, donning an engagement ring, with a man’s hand on her shoulder was posted. Soon after, it became apparent that Leah was being held hostage in a remote cabin by a man named Douglas, who made him dote on her hand and foot. He required her to praise him and feed his ego, beating her if she stepped out of line. 

After Justin twice tried to make contact, Douglas forced Leah to ring and tell him it was over, and that he would never see her again. Douglas made the decision to marry Leah the next day. He forced her to look exactly like the image of his ex-wife, as she looked on their wedding day. Before the celebrant and guests arrived, who were said to be a group of like-minded individuals from Douglas’ mens group, Leah took an opportunity to hit him over the head with a heavy-duty torch and make a run for it. She was saved by Justin, who was approaching the cabin in his car. However, when the police raided Douglas’ house, he stabbed Colby in the leg with a large pair of scissors. He was arrested almost immediately after.

After her rescue, Leah gave a statement to the police explaining that Douglas had rang her to state that his wife had been attacked and was in the hospital. Leah recognised the wife’s name from her website and agreed to visit due to the desperation in his voice. When she arrived at the hospital, he quickly got in her charge and told her to drive. It emerged that his first wife had left him due to his emotional and physical abuse. She was an avid fan of Leah’s site, which had given her the strength to leave Douglas, and he blamed Leah for that. After Leah gave a further victim impact statement, Douglas was sentenced to 25 years in prison for her kidnapping and the assault on Colby.

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