Alex Neilson

Dr Alexandra Neilson (2019-2020)
Zoe Ventoura
Episodes: 71927297

Occupation: Locum Doctor / Head of Emergency Medicine

Alex was Tori Morgan’s replacement as the Head of Emergency at Northern Districts Hospital whilst on maternity leave. She was first seen tending to a patient that had been branded with an ouroboros. When Jasmine had to leave last minute when she and Robbo were rushed to a safe house, and then arrived again with no warning, Alex warned her that she needed some information on her situation to make sure her staff were safe. Later that day, Alex revealed to Raffy, who had been brought in following a seizure, that she too was an epileptic, diagnosed at 12, and even had a seizure during her HSC Chemistry exam. She assured Raffy she had a huge support circle and that she needs to take control of her illness. The following week, Jasmine picked Alex’s brains about amnesia. After some consultation about Robbo’s amnesia and some convincing, Robbo agreed to let her perform hypnotherapy on him to retrieve his suppressed memories. Whilst under, Robbo attacked Alex. She convinced him to give the hypnotism a second chance, under the provision that he was strapped up. It was a success and Robbo recovered some of his memories.

Alex took one of Willow’s boot camp classes down on the beach. After the class, Willow helped massage a cramp out of Alex’s leg and opened up about her worry over Irene’s trial. Alex hung around until the end of Willow’s shift to be a sounding board for her. Over a milkshake, Willow explained that Dean, Colby and Bella are her family and then asked Alex about her family. She admitted they’d had their issues, but they’re tight now. Later, she learnt Mason was a doctor and he missed out on a place in the internship program. However, Raffy told her that Mason began her on an illegal CBD oil trial. Impressed, Alex rang the Director of Medicine and asked him to reconsider Mason’s position in the program. She then invited Mason and Willow to dinner. When Willow was forced to leave early, Alex found out Mason was arrested for the CBD oil mission, and as a result, lost his place in the program. However, she backed him and believed the board may reconsider. Mason took her interest in him the wrong way and Alex told him that she was in fact gay. Later, she informed Raffy of a clinical trial taking place in Victoria.

She and Willow began to grow closer as Alex became her sounding board and comforted her during Jasmine’s kidnapping saga. During a deep and meaningful, Alex misread Willow’s signs and kissed her. Before Willow could say anything, she apologised and rushed off. With advice from Jasmine, Willow quickly cleared the air and the pair continued to be friends. She later organised for Mason to redo his internship interview and informed him he’d been accepted into the program.

Alex scheduled some more PT sessions with Willow. She ended up helping Willow with the business by organising her schedule and roleplaying interview scenarios so Willow could hire a new trainer. After filling the role, Willow and Alex went out for dinner together. After numerous tequila shots, Willow learnt that Alex’s biggest challenge, second to her not being able to be a pilot due to her epilepsy, was coming out to her parents at 17. When they left Salt, Willow kissed Alex. Alex rushed off, but caught up with Willow the next morning who lied, saying she forget everything. Willow admitted the truth that she remembered and was worried she’d lose her. Alex suggested they take it slow because she likes her, and Willow admitted the feelings were reciprocal. On a date, Willow suggested the pair should sleep together and Alex ended the night early. The next day she told Willow she wasn’t going to be her experiment. She had come out of a ten year relationship a year prior and she didn’t do casual relationships. She later diagnosed Bella with tetanus.

After Mason talked about her relationship with Willow at work, Alex reprimanded him leading to a slight awkwardness in their friendship. The eventually make up. Alex and Willow go on a date at Salt and after it was a success, they went back to the beach house and consummated their relationship. Bella caught them post-coital and Willow made her promise to keep their relationship a secret from Dean and Colby. However, Colby caught the pair kissing on the beach one night. He accepted Alex as part of the family straight away. Alex consoled Willow after Dean gave her a mouthful for not being honest with him when he found out. He quickly accepted the pair as a couple and they were able to be openly happy.

When Tori woke up from her coma, Alex pointed out that it meant her contract at the hospital was almost up. Willow was saddened by this and confided in Alex that even though it might hurt in the end, she wanted to continue their relationship because she is worth it.

Alex was at the hospital when the Ouroboros gang took several Summer Bay residents hostage, during which her colleague Mason was shot dead. She was able to calmly convince the gunmen to let her save Bella from dying, who was suffering from an overdose of stolen medication. However, she was unable to save Robbo after he was brought in post-car crash. She struggled to cope in the aftermath, unsure how to feel about herself after losing Mason and Robbo. She was confided in by Marilyn as she admitted she was having trouble moving on.

It was only a few weeks after Robbo and Mason’s deaths that Alex received an offer for another locum position at a Queensland hospital, to begin in three weeks. She sounded out Tori about her coming to the end of her maternity leave, and was quietly disappointed when Tori said she would indeed be heading back to work. Willow was understandably saddened until Alex asked her to come with her to Queensland. While she debated the proposal, Dean scolded Alex for wanting to take Willow away. Feeling guilty, she decided to turn the offer down until Willow convinced her into taking it and agreed to go with her. After some avoidance, Alex decided to push for a permanent job close by so she and Willow could stay around Summer Bay. She also suggested the idea of buying a house together, which threw Willow. She left afterwards to give Willow some space. The next day, Alex confronted Willow, who made it clear she wasn’t ready for a mortgage and a house. Alex reminded her that she was very serious about her relationship and stormed out. That night, Alex informed Willow that she was moving to Queensland alone.

After a fight, Alex and Willow reaffirmed their love for one another, but realised they wanted different things and decided to break up. A few days later, she performed her final deed as a doctor at Northern Districts Hospital by giving Ari Parata a return to work certificate, before packing up her office and leaving. Alex tried contacting Willow, but her calls and texts were ignored. She had a lunch with Jasmine and as she was about to leave, Willow chased her down, telling Alex she’ll do whatever she wants, but only if she can go to Queensland with her. Alex saw straight through Willow, knowing she was only agreeing to it so they could be together, but knew that the cracks would eventually show. The pair spent one final night together. The next morning, Willow found a note and realised Alex had left both her and Summer Bay in the middle of the night.

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