Neighbours Spoilers – Victor makes an enemy of Leo in new plot

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Next week on Neighbours, Victor plans to purchase the vineyard, but a lowball offer sees him make an enemy of Leo.

Victor (Craig Hall) returned to Erinsborough to reconnect with kids Byron (Xavier Molyneux) and Nicolette (Hannah Monson) after learning that he was dying.

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Initially pretending that he was broke, it was soon revealed that Victor had done very well for himself in recent years.

Wanting to leave his children with a parting gift, he explained that he wanted to buy them a business which would set them up for after he’d gone.

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After much soul-searching, the pair eventually decided to accept, and brainstorming began in earnest.

After deciding that hospitality was the way forward, Nicolette suggested they open a general store close to Leo’s vineyard, selling local food and wine, but Byron soon shot that down as too simplistic.

Option two was bespoke dining, a lucrative sector which piqued Byron’s interest as he’d love to take on the front-of-house responsibilities, and it seemed like they’d come to a decision.

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Next week (Monday 24th June), Nicolette shows Vic around Yorokobi, Leo’s prized vineyard, which has been going through a tough time since one of Leo’s bottles of wine was poisoned.

Even though Leo wasn’t the target, something which was confirmed after a second poisoning incident at a nearby Chinese restaurant, his business has still suffered.

Having spent all of his savings on the wine launch, Leo has recently been forced to put No. 32 on the market, and now it seems like he might be forced to sell his business too.

Getting the guided tour around the vineyard, Victor starts to see it as the perfect business opportunity for himself and the kids.

While Yorokobi isn’t officially on the market, Victor believes that Leo might be open to the idea of a business partnership, considering things are going so badly for him.

Both Byron and Nicolette think that Leo won’t be interested, but Victor proves them wrong when he floats the idea and Leo agrees to consider it.

With all the pain of the last few weeks, Leo is beginning to see the benefit of having other people to shoulder the load – and with Victor’s business experience, it could be the perfect deal.

While Nic, Byron and Jane are excited at the prospect of partnering with one of their close friends and neighbours, Vic soon warns the kids not to communicate with Leo while they begin negotiations.

This leaves Jane and the kids concerned, but Victor reminds them that this isn’t them doing their neighbour a favour – it’s an investment in their future and he’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers to get the best deal possible.

In next Tuesday’s episode, Victor begins to celebrate having the vineyard as a family business, but Jane cautions him not to get ahead of himself – they’ve only just begun negotiations; it’s far from a done deal.

However, Sam (Henrietta Graham), Byron and Nicolette are equally excited, having decided that the venue’s first big event under new management will be Jane and Mike’s (Guy Pearce) wedding.

This week saw Victor encourage Jane to speak to fiancé Mike, after she expressed concern over Mike’s continued absence from Erinsborough.

Having finished his motorbike tour of the UK, Mike is now headed around Europe. He’s just arrived at the Amalfi Coast, and Jane is finally beginning to question why he’s so happy staying away from Australia for ever-increasing amounts of time.

Vic notes Jane’s discomfort when the kids mention using Yorokobi as the wedding venue, and later urges Jane not to fall into old patterns of ignoring her own needs; she needs to talk to Mike.

With her walls once again up, Jane assures Vic that everything is fine. How long until she accepts that she needs to talk to Mike about her doubts?

After heading to the hospital for a checkup, where he undergoes a radiology scan at Remi’s (Naomi Rukavina) request, Victor heads back to the vineyard for another tour.

He tells Leo that he’s aware of his recent run of bad luck, but that he sees Leo as blameless and that he can view things through a big-picture lens.

Later, Nicolette and Byron tell their dad that they want him to put in an offer on the vineyard, only for him to tell them that he’s already done so.

While Vic is confident that it’s a done deal and that he and Leo are about to be business partners, an incensed Leo soon tells Victor that his low-ball offer is an insult and that he couldn’t possibly accept it.

However, a ruthless Vic counters that this is Leo’s only offer, and that his alternative is to lose the business altogether.

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Victor tells Leo that he’s giving him two days to decide, and after that, the offer is off the table!

Are the two potential new business partners about to become enemies already?

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Wednesday 19th June (Episode 9062 / 159)

Vic is accused of theft.

Aaron considers making an offer.

Holly zeroes in on a suspect.

Thursday 20th June (Episode 9063 / 160)

Holly reaches her third strike.

Aaron makes a risky decision.

Leo sinks to a new low.

Monday 24th June (Episode 9064 / 161)

Leo is presented with a tantalising offer.

The Share House battle an unwelcome interloper.

Out on the festival circuit, Melanie befriends an intriguing stranger.

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Tuesday 25th June (Episode 9065 / 162)

Melanie brings a mysterious new friend to Ramsay Street.

Vic stoops to a shock move.

JJ makes a game-changing discovery.

Wednesday 26th June (Episode 9066 / 163)

Holly’s fascination with crime leads her to dangerous territory.

JJ makes a disastrous decision as Harold is hit by a loss.

A handsome newcomer sets his sights on a Ramsay Street resident.

Thursday 27th June (Episode 9067 / 164)

Wendy embraces uni life.

JJ makes a selfless sacrifice.

Holly’s quest for the truth brings her face to face with terror.

Monday 1st July (Episode 9068 / 165)

Holly’s peril reaches new heights.

Wendy attracts an unexpected admirer.

Leo faces a tough decision.

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Tuesday 2nd July (Episode 9069 / 166)

Vic reaches a crossroads.

Toadie and Terese reignite the spark in their marriage.

Aaron grows closer to Logan, unaware of his true agenda.

Wednesday 3rd July (Episode 9070 / 167)

An unexpected visitor arrives at Eirini Rising.

Byron and Nicolette grapple with a betrayal.

Melanie lays down the law.

Wendy and Cara hide their double lives.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Thursday 4th July (Episode 9071 / 168)

Jane puts a plan into action to keep a beloved resident home.

Cara makes a secret smart move.

A familiar face returns to Erinsborough.