16 Neighbours Spoilers for Next Week – 17th to 20th June

Next week on Neighbours, Jane has doubts about her engagement, Susan is injured in a new prank, Jane accuses Victor of theft and Holly’s detective work ends in disaster.

Here’s everything coming up on Neighbours next week, from Monday 17th to Thursday 20th June.

1) Sam plans a surprise for Jane

Jane (Annie Jones) has been torn since ex-husband Victor (Craig Hall) made an unexpected appearance on Ramsay Street last month.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Her fury at her husband’s reappearance soon vanished when he revealed that he was dying and only had months left to live.

Since then, he’s seemed sincere in his desire to reconnect with Nicolette (Hannah Monson) and Byron (Xavier Molyneux), and even Jane herself has seemed willing to mend bridges with her untrustworthy former partner.

Last week, Sam (Henrietta Graham) was concerned to see Victor kissing Jane’s hand, and this week was shocked to find Victor recovering in Jane’s bed after he collapsed on a hike with his kids.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Sam is the daughter of Mike (Guy Pearce), Jane’s fiancé, who has spent the past nine months on a motorbike tour of the UK. Understandably, she’s worried that Victor’s presence on Ramsay Street is a threat to Jane’s relationship with her dad.

Next week, seeing the increasing warmth between the pair, Sam plans a special surprise for Jane – an appointment to find her a wedding dress.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

While Jane is less than enthused, Byron explains that Sam needs to see that she’s still committed to marrying Mike.

So, Jane agrees to the impromptu shopping trip, and puts on a smile as she, Byron and Sam go dress shopping.

She even surprises herself when she finds the right one, and poses for a happy selfie with her soon to be daughter-in-law.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

2) Jane has secret doubts about her engagement

This week, Jane confessed to Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) that she felt a desire to care for Victor after his collapse saw him taken to hospital. It seems Sam was right to be concerned after all.

As she changes back out of her wedding dress, a private tear in the changing rooms indicates that she has doubts about her engagement too.

As she returns home to No. 24, she finds Nicolette and Vic planning to invest Victor’s money into a Stone family business, one which doesn’t involve her…

With Mike thousands of miles away, and confronted by her reunited family on Ramsay Street, will this spell the end of her engagement?

3) JJ feels guilty

The end of this week saw JJ (Riley Bryant) break Nell’s (Ayisha Salem-Towner) heart by telling her that he only sees her as a friend.

Of course, the truth is, he wants more than friendship, but after discovering that Dex (Marley Williams) has a crush on Nell too, he couldn’t face hurting his little brother.

Next week, Nell pours her broken heart out to Terese, while JJ seeks advice from Haz (Shiv Palekar) on how to navigate the awkward love triangle.

Haz has some easy and mature advice – talk to his brother and tell him the truth about his own feelings for Nell. JJ takes this on board, but as he attempts to come clean to Dex, he can’t do it.

Instead, he commits to helping Dex woo Nell, giving him the manga drawing book that he’d intended to give to Nell himself.

As Dex gives Nell the gift, earning himself a hug and a maybe-date, JJ can only watch on, broken-hearted.

4) What is Harold hiding?

Harold (Ian Smith) was evasive last week, when Karl (Alan Fletcher) tried to book him in for his preventative medicine appointment.

Harold claimed that he didn’t have his diary on him, but it soon became clear that he was purposefully avoiding the appointment, making Karl fear that he was hiding something, as he did last September when he was experiencing memory issues.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Next week, as Harold continues to avoid the health check, Karl pops around to his Eirene Rising apartment to find that he’s surreptitiously made arrangements for his healthcare – by hiring Remi (Naomi Rukavina) as his GP!

Karl is hurt that Harold went behind his back, and confesses to Susan (Jackie Woodburne) that it’s most likely because of his inaccurate diagnosis of dementia to explain Harold’s memory issues.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

When Karl approaches Harold to explain that he has no hard feelings, an upset Harold tries to explain himself – it’s not that he’s bearing a grudge or doesn’t trust Karl’s abilities. Instead, he doesn’t want to place the heavy burden of his healthcare on such a dear friend.

Released from his guilt, and with their friendship mended and strengthened, Karl assures Harold that he’ll always be there for him.

5) The Eirene Rising pranks continue

What with the poisoning at the grand opening, and last week’s stink bomb prank, it’s fair to say things haven’t been easy for Terese’s new retirement complex.

Next week, as left shoes and tubas begin to go missing from Eirene Rising, Terese and Susan assume that it’s kids again. Jane (Annie Jones) shuts the idea down, reminding them that they got the master key back, but they have no idea that the kids made a copy!

They’re left worrying that it might be an inside job… but as they begin brainstorming who the culprit could be, another prank is just around the corner.

As Susan enjoys a moment alone in the courtyard, she’s surprised by a group of teens carrying stolen instruments.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

6) Susan is struck down

Panicked at being caught, the kids bolt, knocking Susan down as they do so.

Susan falls hard on her wrist, and as she tries to get up, she’s frightened when she’s realised she doesn’t have the strength to stand up on her own.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Curled up on the ground, she cries out for help, but nobody comes…

Thankfully, Karl and Terese soon hear her shouts and rush to her side.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Susan does her best to appear normal and powers through her private distress, but she can’t keep her fears to herself for long. Opening up to Karl, she confesses that she’s worried about her health.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

7) No. 32 goes up for sale

This week, Leo (Tim Kano) admitted to Krista (Majella Davis) that his financial woes had become so bad that he was going to have to put No. 32 on the market.

Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) suggested that Krista could buy it herself, but Leo soon shut that idea down, seeing it as a handout and feeling like he’d be forever indebted to his girlfriend.

Next week, as the For Sale sign goes up on the front lawn, the sharehouse residents feel like they’re out of options. Will they be forced to leave their beloved home?

8) Terese has doubts

Terese has spent nearly a year putting her plan for Eirene Rising in action, but now that the doors are open, she’s not feeling very positive.

The poisoning, the stress of the ongoing safety breaches, and prank after prank from Erinsborough High’s students is pushing her to the edge. With Toadie (Ryan Moloney) away caring for her parents, she’s only just managing to keep all her balls in the air.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

When Andrew (Lloyd Will) senses her worry, she confesses that she feels like she’s made a terrible mistake.

Her venture was supposed to bring positivity to the community, but it seems to have been cursed from the very beginning.

9) Victor puts the pressure on Jane

Jane is already having doubts about her and Mike’s wedding, but things get worse when Victor overhears her voicing her concerns to Nicolette and Byron.

He visits Jane, just as she takes off her engagement ring to clean.

As he points out that more and more of her loved ones are noticing that she’s engaged to a man who keeps pushing back his return date, Jane snaps and tells him that she has no place talking about her personal life.

Undeterred, Victor asks her why she and Mike aren’t together if they’re so much in love. Jane shuts down the conversation and orders Vic to leave, but she’s left wondering whether he’s right…

10) Jane accuses Victor of theft

Later, Jane can’t find her engagement ring anywhere. Knowing that her ex-husband has a habit of taking and selling her treasured belongings, she accuses him of the shocking theft.

Victor insists he’s innocent, while Byron and Nicolette work to defuse the situation, taking one parent each to try and cool things down.

Later, Jane admits that she may have simply lost her ring, and opens up to Victor about her secret fears regarding Mike’s seemingly never-ending absence from Ramsay Street.

Victor urges Jane to call Mike and ask for the reassurance she needs, and she braces herself for a difficult conversation.

11) Aaron makes Leo an offer

With Aaron’s former home on the market, he decides it’s the perfect opportunity to buy it back. He makes his brother-in-law a formal offer, which a desperate Leo quickly accepts.

Jane and Nicolette are shocked by Aaron’s move, considering No. 32 is filled with bittersweet memories of his life with David (Takaya Honda), but Aaron insists that he’s sticking by his decision.

Later, Leo receives another offer for the house, this time for more money. He admits to Aaron that he’s had a higher offer, but insists that he’s got no regrets and he’s committed to their handshake agreement.

12) Holly’s detective work goes awry

After landing Leo in it by giving an anonymous tip to the Crimsborough podcast, Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) has been determined to fix her mistake by tracking down the poisoner.

This week, she bribed podcast owner Liv into dropping her investigation into Leo, and harrassed Krista’s former dealer Shannon for info, but hit dead end after dead end.

Next week, Holly watches Liv harass Leo for an interview and begins to suspect that there’s more to the relentless podcaster’s fixations on the poisoning.

Impersonating Mackenzie, Holly manages to get CCTV footage of the day of the second poisoning, and is shocked to discover that Liv’s foodie influencer best friend was there.

Holly becomes convinced that Liv and her friend carried out the poisonings themselves to help the Crimsborough podcast go viral.

She confronts Liv with her findings and when Liv gets confrontational, Holly is forced to defend herself by spraying Liv in the face with dry shampoo!

Holly soon realises she’s made a massive mistake when Mackenzie arrives to reveal that the theory is a bust. Holly has just assaulted an innocent woman!

13) Holly won’t drop the case

Liv is adamant that the police press charges, and Holly is expecting to be fired from her Lassiters job, but Krista lets her off with another warning.

Krista then uses her Sinclair name to threaten Liv with a defamation case if she doesn’t drop her charges against Holly.

Soon after, Andrew delivers Holly the news that Liv has changed her statement and no more action will be taken.

Despite Holly’s realisation that she was wrong about Liv, and her close brush with the law, she refuses to drop the case. While Andrew suggests that she keep her nose out of any more crime-related business, Holly can’t help but dive into the next episode of Crimesborough…

15) Aaron backs out of the deal

When Leo insists on finalising the No. 32 sale as soon as possible, Aaron’s nerves kick in. He realises that he might have been buying his old house for the wrong reasons, and the purchase would be a step in the wrong direction for his grief.

He backs out of the deal, leaving Leo free to accept the higher offer from the mystery bidder.

It seems like the deal is good news for Mack, Haz and Byron, as Leo informs them that the new buyer wants to keep them on as tenants.

They get ready to celebrate, but their celebrations soon turn into a nightmare when they learn who their new landlord is…

16) Leo reaches a new low

Despite Leo’s quick sale on No. 32, he’s still in a financial black hole. While Krista makes an effort to rally him, he still feels demoralised.

When he sees Vera Punt (Sally-Anne Upton) rejecting a serving of Yorokobi at the Waterhole, he realises that his whole brand is tainted.

As he’s forced to let go of his vineyard staff, he begins to spiral. He turns to Terese for advice, but refuses to consider her suggestion of a total rebrand – with Yorokobi meaning joy, losing the name would mean he’d lose all the joy that came with the business.

When his most important retail partner returns a big delivery, it’s the last straw. He smashes a table full of bottles, sending an explosion of glass and gin across the room.

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 17th June (Episode 9060 / 157)

Jane is challenged.

JJ makes a selfless decision.

Karl fears for an important friendship.

A spate of pranks keep the staff and residents of Eirini Rising on their toes.

Tuesday 18th June (Episode 9061 / 158)

Susan faces concerns about her mortality.

The Share House gang are forced to get creative.

Terese struggles to balance her house of cards.

Jane’s commitment is questioned.

Wednesday 19th June (Episode 9062 / 159)

Vic is accused of theft.

Aaron considers making an offer.

Holly zeroes in on a suspect.

Thursday 20th June (Episode 9063 / 160)

Holly reaches her third strike.

Aaron makes a risky decision.

Leo sinks to a new low.

Monday 24th June (Episode 9064 / 161)

Leo is presented with a tantalising offer.

The Share House battle an unwelcome interloper.

Out on the festival circuit, Melanie befriends an intriguing stranger.

Tuesday 25th June (Episode 9065 / 162)

Melanie brings a mysterious new friend to Ramsay Street.

Vic stoops to a shock move.

JJ makes a game-changing discovery.

Wednesday 26th June (Episode 9066 / 163)

Holly’s fascination with crime leads her to dangerous territory.

JJ makes a disastrous decision as Harold is hit by a loss.

A handsome newcomer sets his sights on a Ramsay Street resident.

Thursday 27th June (Episode 9067 / 164)

Wendy embraces uni life.

JJ makes a selfless sacrifice.

Holly’s quest for the truth brings her face to face with terror.