Home and Away Spoilers – Cash races to take down Stevie’s stalker

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, as Stevie makes her first public appearance in months, Cash’s worst fears are confirmed when her stalker strikes.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is still on red alert as a personal bodyguard, despite being let go by employer Stevie (Catherine Van-Davies) last week.

World-famous horror actress Stevie had originally employed Cash for protection after being targeted by a stalker, who had broken into her home and taken pictures of her sleeping. Stevie was particularly on edge considering her best friend and co-star in her latest movie Death Throes, Crystal (Sheridan Harbridge), had died in unusual circumstances.

Cash realised there was a link to the movie when he spotted four numbers on screen, which Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) told him was the time that the fictional killer was meant to strike.

Those same four numbers had been written on the back of the photos Stevie’s stalker had sent her.


Stevie was therefore devastated when Crystal’s death was ruled accidental last week. Realising that the police were not going to take her own case seriously, she reluctantly fired Cash and stated that she was going to continue living her life.

Next week, Cash talks with his bosses at the security firm who agree that the threat posed to the starlet is very much real, but there’s not much they can do about it if she’s not going to re-hire Cash.

With notifications still set up on his phone for Stevie’s socials, Cash is gobsmacked when he learns that Stevie is live-streaming from a media event announcing the casting of her new rom-com movie, All Our Tomorrows, complete with a Q&A.

As Stevie gives everyone the details on her location, Cash wonders how she could be so stupid when there have been threats made to her life.

Cash knows that the danger facing Stevie is real and it’s escalating,” Nicholas Cartwright told Aussie magazine TV Week. “Just because Stevie fired him it doesn’t mean Cash can turn off the part of himself that cares about her safety.

Stevie is surprised when Cash rocks up at the event, considering he no longer works for her. He asks whether she’s trying to get herself hurt but Stevie is dismissive, as she introduces Cash to the director Nelson (Mahesh Jadu) and co-star Troy (Samuel Stevenson).

Cash points out that there’s no security and if he was able to wander in then anyone could, but it’s soon time for the event to kick off. Stevie tells Cash he can stay, but reminds him that he’s not working.

He sees that Stevie has put herself in a dangerous position,” Nicholas continued. “No-one is checking the fans attending the event, so a stalker could easily get close.

Stevie gives an impassioned speech talking about branching out and trying something new after Crystal’s death, having realised that life is too short not to follow her dreams. Whilst Cash is keeping a beady eye on the crowd gathered in the room, Stevie’s words resonate with him.

Afterwards, Cash admits that he’s finally come to understand her position on the matter, and belatedly congratulates her on the role.

Stevie can see that there’s a large group of fans gathered outside, and is keen to meet them, reminding Cash that she’s only where she is now because of them.

Cash is on edge, pointing out that it looks pretty dangerous, but Stevie insists that she’ll only be a few minutes.

Cash keeps watch as Stevie signs autographs and has pictures taken with her fans, many of whom are wearing Death Throes t-shirts.

Meanwhile, at the back of a crowd, a particularly eager fan Sidney (Joshua McElroy) pushes his way forward and asks Stevie to say her catchphrase from the movie.

Stevie is only too happy to oblige… “Time to finish this,” she announces with a laugh.

At that moment Sidney suddenly lunges forward, in an attempt to attack Stevie!

Cash’s senses were already telling him that something was up, and he’s quick to pull Stevie away before any harm can come to her.

Sidney takes off with Cash in hot pursuit, ducking into an underground car park, as Stevie calls the police.

Cash doesn’t know what the stalker is capable of,” Nicholas adds. “So he takes the opportunity to end the threat.

Cash gets his action movie moment as he manages to roll under the car park shutter just as it closes, cornering Stevie’s stalker.

It’s a tense few moments as Cash gingerly walks through the car park, before Sidney jumps out of nowhere ready to attack.

Cash’s quick reaction enables him to disarm Sidney and detain him, with Sidney yelling out that Stevie is “The last on my list!

As he’s led away by police, he warns Cash that it’s not over…

Stevie can’t thank Cash enough, he was right all along. Cash assures her that now Sidney is locked up, she is safe.

Is Stevie’s ordeal finally over? It is Summer Bay after all, so that would be a long shot…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 3rd June (Episode 8241)

Eden is broken by Levi’s lies. Mali chooses Tane over Rose. Tane’s lost the will to fight.

Tuesday 4th June (Episode 8242)

Theo stands by Valerie. Cash feels the need to protect Stevie. Levi prepares to face the music at home.

Wednesday 5th June (Episode 8243)

Cash throws himself between Stevie and danger. Kirby offers Valerie a kind ear. Leah discovers a difficult truth.

Thursday 6th June (Episode 8244)

Rose feels the weight of unwanted responsibility. Dana is determined to help Harper. Can Theo get the help he needs?

Friday 7th June (Episode 8245)

Dana sticks her nose in. Rose works through a tough call. Can Tane’s friends get through to him?