Neighbours Spoilers – Krista and Aaron drown their sorrows together

Next week on Neighbours, Aaron and Krista’s shared grief over the loss of David and Hope sets them on a dangerous path after they share a drunken night together.

Krista (Majella Davis) has had a long battle since she first arrived in Erinsborough, addicted to drugs and blackmailing her old au pair Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) into giving her money to fund her habit.

With help from those around her, Krista got clean and has remained that way for months, even after the death of her sober companion David (Takaya Honda), caused by an altercation with her former boyfriend Eden (Costa D’Angelo).

But the tragic death of her unborn baby has tested her, and at the end of this week she struggles to stay on the wagon.

When she finds Byron’s (Xavier Molyneux) prescription pain medication in a cupboard, it’s all she can do not to down the pills.

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She resists temptation, but later this week, as Krista continues to obsess over the fault report Paul (Stefan Dennis) has commissioned into the sauna door, a guilty Chelsea (Viva Bianca) makes another cruel move to keep Krista from the truth…

Then, when a haunting reminder of her lost child sends her into a spiral, Krista gives in to her demons.

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She pockets another bag of drugs that she stumbles across, and disappears from the hotel.

When Chelsea finds her, she swallows her guilt and covers for Krista’s absence, making excuses to Leo (Tim Kano) and Paul as she tends to a groggy and remorseful Krista at No. 32.

Playing into Krista’s insecurities, Chelsea promises to keep her relapse a secret, while convincing Krista to move on from the fault with the sauna and focus on her future.

Yet by keeping her secret, she has set Krista on a path of self-destruction.

In next week’s episodes, Aaron (Matt Wilson) discovers Krista’s secret – and not only does he agree to keep it to himself, but he joins her in partying.

As Krista wanders into The Waterhole one evening, she finds Aaron there, struggling under a mountain of grief over David, and drowning his sorrows.

Despite the fact she’s been sober for several months, she urges Aaron to let him join her for a drink, and Aaron reluctantly agrees.

It’s just one drink, what’s the worst that could happen?

“Krista is mortified she’s been sprung,” Majella Davis recently told TV Week. “But if you were to be caught by anyone, best it’s by the person experiencing the kind of life-shattering grief you are.”

The following day, Chelsea realises that Krista has a hangover, but decides to enable her and hide her destructive behaviour once again.

Aaron, overcome by grief and guilt, skips town, once again leaving Nicolette (Hannah Monson) to parent alone.

He goes to visit his, David and Nicolette’s former holiday resort in Daylesford, hoping to connect with David’s memory before the place is handed over to a new tenant.

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When Krista realises that Aaron has left Erinsborough, she follows him.

Despite her own problems, she supports him through the painful endeavour of revisiting a time that has left him with many regrets.

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It’s a bonding moment for the pair, who were previously at odds when Aaron blamed Krista for David’s death.

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Yet Aaron soon stumbles across some pills which have fallen out of Krista’s bag – and he realises that Krista’s plans for their drinking session to be a a one-off weren’t exactly truthful.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

TV Week reports that Aaron makes a shock decision after finding Krista’s pills.

“[Krista’s] biggest fear is losing [her boyfriend] Leo,” Majella told the publication. “She can’t imagine being without him right now, but she can’t help but fall into old habits.”

After enabling Krista by drinking with her at The Waterhole, surely Aaron wouldn’t be irresponsible enough to enable her drug taking too?

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New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 15th April (Episode 9024 / 121)

Krista closes in on the truth.

Paul’s generosity raises eyebrows.

Karl finds himself in a tight spot.

Tuesday 16th April (Episode 9025 / 122)

Krista falls into a trap.

Melanie attempts to rebuild

Cara and Remi fight for their son.

Wednesday 17th April (Episode 9026 / 123)

Mackenzie digs into the past.

JJ exhausts his options.

Karl gets his moment in the spotlight.

Thursday 18th April (Episode 9027 / 124)

Haz races against the clock as his deadline approaches.

Erinsborough tackles a fresh crime wave.

Sadie faces a trial by fire.

Monday 22nd April (Episode 9028 / 125)

Krista finds an unlikely ally.

Mackenzie gets close to the truth.

Terese has an unsettling dream

Tuesday 23rd April (Episode 9029 / 126)

Dex reaches breaking point.

Krista and Aaron toe a dangerous line.

Karl struggles with a public humiliation.

Wednesday 24th April (Episode 9030 / 127)

Haz confronts a cruel ultimatum.

Susan is made a tempting offer.

Dex’s silent frustrations find a voice.

Thursday 25th April (Episode 9031 / 128)

Haz is forced to consider the unthinkable.

Susan struggles with a secret.

A persistent rumour follows Karl like a bad smell.