Neighbours Spoilers – Toadie asks Melanie to move back to Ramsay Street

On today’s Neighbours, as Toadie asks Melanie to move back to Erinsborough, Terese tries to win back Jane’s trust.

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It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for newlyweds Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), with many relationships they had with people fraying in the lead-up to current events.

Not only has Terese found herself off-side with dear friend Jane (Annie Jones) following her pursuit of the land that Erinsborough High is on for her retirement village Eirene Rising, but Toadie has been struggling to maintain his relationship with daughter Nell (Ayisha Salem-Towner) due to his reluctance to have ex-wife Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) in their lives.

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Since Melanie’s return some weeks ago – and her shocking revelations about what happened in the lead-up to her skipping town – Toadie has found himself relenting to his daughter’s requests. Firstly, he let Nell visit her whilst she was in Goodwood Gaol, on remand for her part in Krista’s (Majella Davis) death. Then, there was the visit in the park.

This week, Toadie finds himself making Melanie an offer she simply can’t refuse.

It all kicked off during the school protest on Monday, which saw the returns of numerous ex-students and -staff, who returned to say their part in a bid to save Erinsborough High from closure.

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However, things quickly soured when the protesters stormed the corridors of the school.

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Although the spectacle was quickly shut down, Melanie found herself in the firing line when a tussle between teacher Marty Muggleton (Nikoli Egel) and a security guard became physical and she was knocked backwards and tumbled down the stairs.

As Toadie did the once over to ensure all protestors were off the site, he came across an unconscious Melanie, who was quickly rushed to hospital. Nell arrived, alongside several other of Melanie’s loved ones, hopeful that she would be alright. However, a brain bleed on Tuesday led to emergency surgery.

As those who hold Melanie dear maintained a vigil, it was revealed that Melanie would require a total shoulder reconstruction.

It’s a hard time for Nell, who is worried that she will lose yet another mother in her life. Toadie struggles to find what he can do or say to help make Nell feel better. On top of that, the loveable lawyer seems to be grappling with his own demons, with feelings for Melanie he thought were gone resurfacing – ones that mean he truly does care about his ex-wife still.

Terese also struggles with the weight of what has happened, revisiting the site of her new development and remembering what she saw during the protest – a locker with “Piper and Ben were ere” painted on it – she begins to wonder whether her plan is worth it.

After all, she now seems to have lost Susan (Jackie Woodburne) as well, having seen her buddying up with Jane the day of the protest.

Realising she can’t let things go on like this for any longer, Terese heads to No. 28 to clear the air with Susan and ask her and Karl (Alan Fletcher) to do her a favour. When she returns to No. 22, and fills Toadie in on her request, he wonders whether her suggestion will make things better or worse for them.

As Toadie ponders the pros and cons of Terese’s request, his belief is clarified when Nell elaborates that she will feel much more at ease with Melanie around, knowing that she will have the support structure she needs to recover efficiently.

Heading to the hospital, Toadie, his detest for his ex-wife thawing, visits an unhappy Melanie, who wants him to leave. But he comes with an offer: he and Terese would like Melanie to move into No. 28 whilst she’s recovering, and he’s not taking no for an answer.

Will Melanie accept the offer?

Meanwhile, Terese heads to No. 24 to begin making amends with Jane. Things have been most fraught between them, and she wants to find a common ground, where they can both move forward.

When Jane is fronted by Terese, she slams the door in her face and begins decorating her Christmas tree with Sam (Henrietta Ellis), music up loud so as to drown out Terese’s doorstep pleas.

Realising she must find another way to show she’s not willing to walk away, Terese sets up a camp chair on the median strip out the front of Jane’s house and waits…

After some time, Jane relents and reluctantly goes to find out what Terese has to say.

She wants to find a way to save Erinsborough High and proceed with her development, and with Jane and Susan’s help, the trio will be unstoppable.

After a moment of thought, Jane agrees to think about it. Have the pair finally found a common ground?

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