Home and Away begins Season Finale drama for Remi and Eden

Home and Away has begun its huge 2023 Season Finale drama, as Eden plans to join Cash on a trip away from the bay, Mackenzie recovers from her surgery, and Remi has bad news for Bree.


Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) continued to ignore her brother Levi’s (Tristan Gorey) calls in today’s episode, as he tried to repair their relationship. The pair have been estranged for years, ever since their parents split and Levi sided with their dad.

Eden overheard Dr Levi acting friendly towards Mackenzie (Emily Weir) in hospital, upsetting her when she realised he cares more about his patients than he ever did about their family.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) was planning a trip away from Summer Bay to clear his head. While it was initially meant to be a solo trip, the final moments of Tuesday’s episode saw Eden decide to join him, telling him that she wanted them to leave right away.

Elsewhere, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) had been in surgery after being found unresponsive in her bedroom in the farmhouse.

She suffered a heart attack a couple of weeks ago and underwent an initial surgery to repair a tear in an artery, so the fact she was suffering further complications was terrifying her friends, who all anxiously waited for news at Northern Districts Hospital.

Mali (Kyle Shilling), Tane (Ethan Browne) and Xander (Luke Van Os) were struggling to keep their stress levels under control, especially as Mali began Googling the chances of survival for someone suffering two heart attacks, much to the frustration of the other two.

Mackenzie’s condition was the talk of Summer Bay, as Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) rushed to the hospital after discovering the latest, and Harper (Jessica Redmayne) worried about how her new friend Tane was feeling about things.

Levi eventually came out of surgery, confirming to Mackenzie’s friends that she had suffered a blood clot rather than a second heart attack. While Mackenzie was through the worst of it, Xander told everyone that she wasn’t yet fully out of the woods.

The news resulted in a tender moment for Tane and Felicity, as they shared a close embrace – their first since their marriage broke apart in October. While the hug gave Felicity hope for their fractured marriage, Tane later brought things back down to earth.

“We spent the whole afternoon thinking Mac could die,” he explains. While he admits that the moment was more than just relief over Mac’s condition, and he does still Felicity her, it doesn’t mean that they can be together.

In tomorrow’s 90-minute finale, Cash and Eden take their ill-fated trip out of Summer Bay, while there’s a rollercoaster of emotions for Bree and Remi, before a tragic crash brings the 2023 season of Home and Away to a close.

Seven have now released a three-minute preview of tomorrow’s huge season finale, which Australian viewers can watch on the 7Plus website. The clip shows Remi pulling up at the Surf Club with a helmet and leathers for Bree.


“I think I’ve been pretty clear how I feel about motorbikes,” she tells him, sounding frustrated, but Remi responds, “What happened to stepping outside your comfort zone?”

“This is way, way outside of my comfort zone,” Bree tells her boyfriend.

“That’s the idea,” Remi replies, before trying to put the helmet on her head. “Hey, I promise you’ll be fine.”

While Bree initially resists, beginning to tell him the deadly statistics, she eventually gives in and lets him put the helmet on her.

“I promise it’ll be fun. You are safe with me, always.”

As Bree gets on the back of the bike and grips Remi tightly – very tightly – Remi has just one more thing to add – “I’m going to be able to need to breathe!”

The preview then shows them racing through country roads together. Suddenly Bree is loving life, even lifting her arm up to feel the air rushing by. As if by magic, her fear of motorbikes is long forgotten.

Yet there’s a shock in store for the pair in tomorrow’s finale. As Bree dances enthusiastically after overcoming her fears, she reveals to Remi that she’s planning to leave Summer Bay for a work placement abroad with Doctors Without Borders, and she wants him to come with her.

Remi initially agrees to the trip, believing it would just be for a few weeks. But later that evening, as the pair are back in Summer Bay, Bree grabs her laptop and begins looking for jobs for Remi.

“Why would I need a job?” he asks, to which Bree responds, “Uh, because the average posting is between 9 to 12 months,” and suddenly Remi realises he’s given his girlfriend false hope.

After a talk with Xander, Remi is eventually forced to let Bree down and tell her he can’t go with her. What does that mean for the pair’s future?

However, there’s soon a much more deadly scenario for them to worry about. It turns out Bree was right to be worried about motorbikes, as the final episodes of the year will see Remi involved in a horror crash.

In Home and Away’s season finale, Cash and Eden head on their camping trip. While it was Eden’s idea to join Cash, it turns out that a remote trip in the bush is far from her idea of a dream getaway, and she soon finds herself regretting her decision.

Photos show Cash chopping wood in the remote location where they’ve pitched a tent, while Eden stands watch, missing the home comforts of Summer Bay.

She’s forced to swallow her dismay, but as the trip progresses, Eden does her best to embrace the simple life.

While she may have been less than enthusiastic about sleeping in a tent and collecting firewood, it turns out it’s not that bad with the right person.

“I’m happy anywhere I am with you,” she tells her childhood sweetheart.

However, Eden’s happiness is short-lived, as she finds a tick buried in her neck.

Fed up, she makes a secret call to Remi, asking him to rescue her: “I am done, come and pick me up, now!” 

Unfortunately, Eden turns around to find Cash standing behind her, having heard everything.

Not only is he upset that his trip wasn’t as romantic as he’d hoped, but he’s hurt that she went behind his back and called Remi for help – why couldn’t she just be honest with him?

There’s then more drama around the corner for the couple, as Eden appears to go missing.

A promo for the final episodes shows a shot of Cash looking panicked as he stares across a lake at the wilderness beyond, before letting out a piercing scream.


Remi, meanwhile, heads out of Summer Bay, on his way to save Eden from her failed camping trip, when disaster strikes.

As he speeds through the road on his motorbike, he heads around a bend, where he comes face-to-face with a car.

The car is on the wrong side of the road, and we hear a scream of ‘look out’ as we see the shocked passenger right before the car collides with Remi and his motorbike.

The bike goes flying through the air, as Remi tumbles to the ground.


Will Remi survive?

The Home and Away Season Finale airs tomorrow, Wednesday 29th November, on 7 and 7Plus.

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