Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity, Leah and Eden fight to survive

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, lives are on the line after Tane and Felicity’s wedding day ends in disaster – will everyone survive?

The 2023 season of Home and Away crashes onto Channel 5 next week, quite literally, as Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) wedding day turns into their worst nightmare.

Viewers will have already seen Flick overcome her last-minute nerves about committing to Tane, as she and bridesmaid Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) hopped into her father’s old ute to make their way to the ceremony.

Little did they know however that the brake lines had been tampered with by Lloyd (Oliver Ackland), a member of the bikie gang who have placed a bounty on Cash’s head.

Cash was the one who was meant to be driving his sister to the ceremony, but when Flick had her wobble, Cash went on ahead as Eden did her best to calm Flick down.

As the 2022 season drew to a close, Eden and Flick were heading down a country road unaware of their fate.

As we return to the action, Cash and foster father Gary (Peter Phelps) are becoming increasingly worried as they await any news, praying that Eden will have managed to talk Flick round.

Cash tries calling the girls but they can’t hear the phone over the music.

Tane is also beginning to get twitchy, and Cash tells Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) that there’s been a small wardrobe malfunction to buy them some time.

In the meantime, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) are hotfooting it back to the bay, after learning of a disaster with the wedding cake Leah has made.

Marilyn (Emily Symons) had phoned Leah to let her know that some beetroot juice had spilled over the plain white cake as it was being stored in the diner fridge… if that isn’t an omen then we don’t know what is!

On the road, Flick finally notices that Cash has tried calling, but is soon distracted by Eden getting perilously close to the vehicle in front.

As she warns her to slow down, Eden explains that she can’t, she’s pushing as hard as she can on the brakes and nothing is happening!

As Eden swerves onto the other side of the road to avoid the camper van, she finds herself on a collision course with none other than Justin and Leah…

Justin is forced to take evasive action as he swerves off the road, and he and Leah brace themselves as the car is launched into the air.

The car barrel rolls through the air several times (and a few more for good measure…) and crashes down onto a metal fence.

Meanwhile, Eden struggles to keep a handle on the out-of-control ute as it also speeds across the grass. Crashing through a wall, it eventually comes to a stop as it smashes into a petrol pump in the middle of a service station.

Back on the farm, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and the other guests are also beginning to wonder where the bride is.

Gary and Cash realise that they can’t keep stalling Tane any longer; it seems all too clear now that Flick isn’t coming.

At the crash site, Justin comes to and finds Leah in a panic. He looks down and is horrified to find she’s been impaled through the abdomen by a metal post. He swiftly calls 000 as he tries to comfort her.

In the ute, Flick is covered in blood but seems OK, other than the fact that her legs are trapped. Eden however is slumped on the steering wheel, unconscious.

The emergency services arrive on the scene, and as Paramedic Carla (Jennifer Rani) sees to Leah, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander (Luke Van Os) make their way to the ute.

Whilst Xander promises to get Eden and Flick out as soon as they can, Rose knows that they have to be extra careful until the fire service arrive, given the proximity of the petrol pump.

As Tane starts to regretfully announce to his guests that the wedding is off, Cash and Gary receive a call from Rose informing them of the accident.

The three rush off to the service station and are shocked by the sight before them.

With no sign of any petrol leaks, Xander’s colleague Jethro (Dean Kyrwood) informs everyone that it’s time to try and extract Eden from the wreck. He tells Rose that the local firefighters are caught up at a factory explosion.

As everyone gets to work on Eden, Tane tries to comfort Flick as she apologises to him, assuring him that she was indeed trying to get to the farm to marry him.

A few metres away, the crew are carefully cutting Leah free from the car as Justin watches on in shock. He tells Rose that the ute just came out of nowhere onto their side of the road.

When Rose discusses the accident with Cash and Gary, Gary points out that it doesn’t look like there’s any sign of the ute trying to slow down at the time of the accident, which would only make sense if the brakes had failed…

As the team finally manage to get Eden out of the car, she deteriorates rapidly and goes into cardiac arrest. Cash looks on in horror as the ambos perform chest compressions, and as they manage to stabilise Eden and hurry into the ambulance, Cash looks over at Flick, torn as to what he should do.

Only an hour or so ago, Cash was telling Gary how he was going to let Eden knows how he truly feels about her. Flick knows exactly what Cash is thinking, and persuades him to go with Eden—she’s fine, and has Tane with her.

When Rose and Gary then notice Carla laying out some equipment, she explains to them that Flick has been trapped longer than they’d like.

The compression injury on her legs is now putting her in danger, and there’s a possibility that toxins could be released into her bloodstream and stop her heart once the pressure has been eased.

The team get to work on Felicity, but Jethro then smells something. Checking around, he notices that fuel is now leaking from the ute’s petrol tank.

Everyone is forced to clear as they await the fire service; any spark from the rescue equipment could set the vehicle alight!

Tane desperately tries to go back to Flick only to be held back by Jethro and Rose. Flick tries her best to remain calm, but eventually begins to crack as the pressure gets to her.

Flick panics as she furiously tries to get free from the car, bashing the door as hard as she can, as everyone urges her to remain still.

All of a sudden, a stray spark causes the car to erupt into flames!

Felicity screams for Tane, and he dutifully switches into action man mode, as he covers his head with his jacket and braves the flames to try and save Flick.

With all his strength, Tane manages to prise the door open, but the problem still remains that Flick’s legs are stuck.

She urges him to leave her, but Tane refuses to give up, eventually managing to free her and carry her to safety.

As the paramedics rush to check them over, will both Flick and Tane be okay?

Meanwhile, at the hospital, both Leah and Eden have been rushed into surgery.

Justin eventually receives news that Leah will be fine, but not before a stressed Cash confronts him over the ute’s brakes. Justin had been responsible for making the ute roadworthy after it had been sat on the farm for over sixteen years. If the brakes failed, then it’s quite likely that Justin was at fault.

As Justin struggles to process the news, little do they realise that the real culprit, Lloyd, is watching nearby, reporting back to the bikies that Cash is still alive and well…

Cash’s day then gets even worse when he gets an update on Eden. Whilst she’s now out of surgery, she is not yet awake, and Dr Patel (Karen Pang) warns Cash that Eden has some swelling on the brain and was without oxygen for some time.

Whilst Dr Patel hopes that the brain will heal itself, Cash needs to prepare himself for the possibility that Eden may never wake up…

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 6th March (Episode 7946)

Felicity and Tane’s wedding day ends in disaster. Justin has blood on his hands. Has Cash lost his chance to be with Eden?

Tuesday 7th March (Episode 7947)

Remi’s world caves in. Cash faces a painful realisation. Justin blames himself for the crash.

Wednesday 8th March (Episode 7948)

Remi takes matters into his own hands. Bree is trapped. Dean is surprised by a face from his past.

Thursday 9th March (Episode 7949)

Mackenzie’s nursery masterpiece is revealed. Bree stands her ground. Remi’s reunion is bittersweet.

Friday 10th March (Episode 7950)

Mac is haunted by past love. Xander’s romantic gesture backfires. Cash uncovers a horrifying truth.