Coronation Street Spoilers – Tyrone proposes to Fiz

Next week on Coronation Street, deciding that it’s time for some stability in the household, Tyrone makes the bold decision to propose to Fiz.

The release of a book on Fiz’s (Jenny McAlpine) late husband, serial murderer John Stape, has caused turmoil at No. 9 in recent weeks. Despite their best efforts to protect daughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan), who is named in the book, Fiz and Tyrone (Alan Halsall) were unable to stop the publication.


Angry at Fiz and Tyone’s failings, Hope has now decided to embrace her legacy, by selling signed copies of the book and giving readings at school.

However, taking a hammer into class and performing a reenactment of the time your father killed one of the teachers is apparently frowned upon, and Hope was given a week’s suspension.


When Hope returns to school next week, Tyrone and Fiz have to attend a session with the school counsellor, whose questions about Hope’s family life and background make for an awkward conversation.

Concluding that it’s time for some stability in the household, Tyrone makes the bold decision to propose to Fiz.


Ever the romantic, Tyrone gets down on one knee in the middle of Roy’s Rolls, and a delighted Fiz accepts.

Tyrone has proposed to Fiz before,” Alan Halsall points out. “But I certainly think that everything they have been through over the last couple of years has just cemented what Tyrone wants in his life.”

He wants Fiz as his wife and he wants that family life. Tyrone thought he could find happiness somewhere else and he couldn’t, because that happiness lies with Fiz and now he doesn’t want to hang around, he’s like, ‘Let’s get a ring on it and let’s go!’


Their celebrations are interrupted however by the arrival of Rory McDowd (Luke Broughton), the author of the John Stape book that has brought the family so much drama in recent weeks.

Before Tyrone gets a chance to slap him again, they’re surprised when Rory apologises to them (too little, too late perhaps)! Handing Fiz a jiffy bag full of papers, tapes and photographs, Rory explains that it makes up the extent of his John Stape research, and he wants her to have it so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Fiz asks her brother Chesney (Sam Aston) whether he can hide the bag in their house, where there’s less chance of Hope finding it, but of course fate has other ideas.

Continuing her fascination with her father, Hope suggests to Joseph (William Flanagan) and Sam (Jude Riordan) that they perform a séance in the hope of contacting him.


Contacting the dead is hungry work though, and when Joseph goes into the cupboard to get some biscuits, the jiffy bag that Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) has hidden there falls out, spilling photos of John all over the floor.

The kids are freaked out as they stare at the photos in disbelief; it surely must be a sign from beyond!



When Hope’s birthday rolls around, Fiz and Tyrone present Hope with a laptop, but she has her heart sent on tracking down something a bit more retro⁠—a cassette player, to play the tape found amongst the secret hoard.

Later finding one in the pass-the-parcel at her party, Hope hurries on home and starts listening to the tape of her father…

Back to the engagement, and the prospect of more wedding preparations isn’t something that Fiz is relishing. When Fiz admits that she wishes they could skip all that and just go straight to their wedding day, Tyrone hatches a secret plan.

Tyrone later tells Chesney that, as a surprise for Fiz, he’s managed to move their wedding forward to Christmas Day!

Naturally, you can’t just plan to get married on Christmas Day in soapland without expecting a few dramas, and it looks like Tyrone and Fiz’s special day will be no exception.

Teasers released to us at the weekend reveal that whilst Tyrone works hard to get everything organised, from Fiz’s dress, to the venue and party, even letting the kids in on the secret, there’s a small hiccup when Fiz disappears.

Deciding that the day is going to be a washout, and being oblivious to Tyrone’s grand plans, Fiz is nowhere to be found when the family descend the stairs on Christmas morning ready to reveal the surprise nuptials…

Whether or not they’ll actually make it to the altar, Alan admits that it’s been a long time coming.

Tyrone and Fiz in 2001 (ITV)

Well they have been on and off, but Fiz and Tyrone had their first kiss 21 years ago, which is mind-blowing when you think about it. They’ve been engaged before but things have gone wrong or money has been an issue, or they’ve constantly found problems in their relationship and the timing was never right. It certainly feels like the timing is right this time.

It’s nice that throughout all of the years, even though Fiz and Tyrone have been apart and they have been with other people, there has always been something between Tyrone and Fiz,” Alan continues. “It has gone on all these years which is not something you often see on television.

Sorting out a wedding shouldn’t be too difficult for Tyrone, after all it’s the third one he’s been through over the past 13 years.

Tyrone has been married to Molly, Tyrone walked down the aisle with Kirsty but didn’t get married, but this one feels right for Tyrone,” Alan states. “I hope it’s third time lucky for him!

Fiz is in a similar situation, having been married first to John, but unlike Tyrone she did actually go through with her second wedding to Phill (Jamie Kenna) last year… before admitting at the reception that she didn’t love him after all.

Fiz and Tyrone were two kids who had tough upbringings, and had tough family lives, but they had found themselves together, craving and wanting this happy family life,” Alan adds. “I think it’s right that they finally get together and create this happy family life themselves.

But how do the kids Hope and Ruby (Macy Alabi) feel about the wedding?

The kids are a funny one because they just see Tyrone and Fiz as ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ anyway, regardless,” Alan explains. “Hope obviously has her own issues going on so I think they are probably not that bothered but I think they see the funny side, Hope says, “Nobody else has been a flower girl for two different weddings for their mum in six months!” It doesn’t come as any surprise.

Here are next week’s Coronation Street Spoilers:

Due to the World Cup continuing to affect schedules, the air dates for next week’s episodes won’t be confirmed until closer to the time.

Monday 5th OR Wednesday 7th December (Episode 10813-10814)

Gail and Audrey put pressure on Stephen to invest the £10,000 Sarah needs.

Maria proposes a change to the Christmas markets.

Eileen’s had enough of Tim and Steve’s bickering.

Tyrone decides it’s time to put a ring on it.

Wednesday 7th OR Thursday 8th December (Episode 10815-10816)

Griff threatens Alya when she gets him fired.

Hope is deadly serious about talking to her dad.

Stephen plays a cruel trick on Elaine.

Sally calls a truce with Tim.

Thursday 8th December OR TBC (Episode 10817-10818)

Griff uses Alya’s attack to further his agenda.

Fiz admits she wishes they could skip straight to their wedding day, giving Tyrone an idea.

Summer can’t keep her secret from coming out.

Brian is unsettled by Ken and Martha’s chemistry.