Coronation Street Spoilers – Griff’s true agenda becomes clear

Next week on Coronation Street, as Griff continues to spew his evil teachings, the community sees him for who he really is. Will Spider be forced to give up his cover?

Griff (Michael Condron) has spent the past few weeks grooming Max, luring him into his friendship circle of undesirables. He targeted him after learning that he’d been expelled from school and was struggling, seeing him as an easy target as an impressionable and disenfranchised young man.

When he found Max being targeted by the local bullies, Griff one of them to the ground, threatening that they’d regret it if they ever went near Max again. It seemed to do the trick and the pair have left Max alone ever since.


He also invited Max to his house for a Halloween party, and Max was delighted to finally have some friends.

He was even more delighted when Griff introduced him to Lauren, the daughter of one of Griff’s dodgy mates, and now has even more reason to stay within Griff’s inner circle.

He gave him a book – “Wake Up and Smell the Lies” – and Max soon found himself engrossed. David was impressed to find Max reading anything, with no idea of the hate contained within.

David has his suspicions about Griff after Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) expressed his belief that Griff was a racist, but while David advised Max to spend less time with Griff, he stopped short of banning the pair from spending time together.

Next week, Alya shares her suspicions about Griff with Yasmine, and their fears are confirmed when Toyah tells them all about the racist gig from a few weeks back.

She confides in Spider that she thinks Griff is a racist. Spider (Martin Hancock), meanwhile, is working as an undercover police officer, just waiting for Griff to slip up. So, he’s got no choice but to remain quiet, not even unable to tell Toyah the truth.


Soon after, Max heads to Roy’s to drop off some of the flyers he’s made for Griff’s event. Spider is impressed and suggests that he’d be better off using his talents elsewhere, not wasting them on the likes of Griff.

He’s already concerned that Max is getting too involved, but does Spider risk blowing his cover by trying to push Max out of Griff’s circle?

In next Wednesday’s episode (16th November), Griff’s event takes place at the community centre. The residents of Weatherfield are expecting a meeting about the environment, so attendees Brian, Roy, Maria and Gary are stunned when the real agenda becomes clear.

Thankfully, the Coronation Street lot won’t let Griff’s words go unchallenged. Roy gets up and begins to pick apart Griff’s horrible speech, pointing out numerous factual errors in what he’s said.

The crowd begins to applaud and Griff realises that Roy has outshone him – he’s lost the support of the community.

Some good comes out of the awful event, as the attendees, along with Toyah, decide that the community centre would make the perfect spot to offer help and advice to refugees.


David, meanwhile, finally realises that Max has been skipping school to help Max, and reads him the riot act. He demands that it stops now, but all it does is cause Max to slam out of the house and head straight for Griff’s flat!

In next Friday’s episode, Roy and Brian watch Max’s film online and it leaves them gobsmacked. They quickly warn David the extent of Griff’s beliefs and warn him that Max needs protecting.

Wanting to see the truth for himself, David insists on meeting Max’s new mates. He, along with Max and Lauren, arrive at Griff’s flat… how will David react when he sees where Max has been spending his time?


Then, Spider faces being rumbled. He and Toyah have been discussing getting their own place, and when Toyah suggests that they start saving for a flat together, she takes the chance to question him about his friendship with Griff.

Will he fess up, or face Toyah believing that he’s friends with a racist?

Here are next week’s Coronation Street Spoilers:

Monday 14th November (Episode 10795-10796)

Alya makes an enemy of Griff after sharing her suspicions with Yasmeen.

Is Spider putting himself at risk by pushing Mike away from Griff?

Bernie tries to money-trap Fern, but finds herself kidnapped.

Adam offers Dee-Dee a job at the solicitors, and she wants to hire Alya as her legal secretary.

Debbie tells Nick she’s selling her share of the bistro.

Wednesday 16th November (Episode 10797-10798)

Roy shows up Griff as Weatherfield discovers his true agenda.

A slip-up from Howard raises Gemma’s suspicions.

Yasmee and Stu put on a united front as Eliza moves in.

Nick and Leanne can’t make Debbie a good offer.

Friday 18th November (Episode 10799-10800)

Toyah rumbles Spida.

How will David react when he meets Griff and his mates?

Nick learns that Harvey has agreed to see Sam.