Home and Away Spoilers – Dean arrested as Ziggy’s hospitalised

This week on Home and Away in Australia, as yet another accident befalls a pregnant Ziggy, there’s a shocking development when Dean is arrested for suspected domestic abuse!

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) hasn’t had the easiest of pregnancies so far. Having had debilitating morning sickness at all times of the day, and a scare when she inhaled some chemical fumes at the garage, she was then rushed to A&E after suffering stomach cramps.

Thankfully that visit proved to be a false alarm, but the same can’t be said this week when Ziggy is rushed to hospital again after falling down the stairs in the surf club.

At the end of last week, the two suddenly realised that they weren’t on the same page regarding the baby’s surname. Dean (Patrick O’Connor) wants the baby to be named Thompson, whilst Ziggy wants it to be an Astoni.

There’s also the matter of the baby’s first name. Dean’s first choice just so happened to be the name of one of his ex girlfriends, but he soon realised the error of his ways when Ziggy suggested adding ‘Brody’ to their list.

As the debate continues this week, the pair are leaving Salt when Ziggy stops on the stairs to suggest the name ‘Gwenneth.’ As she turns to take the final few steps, she loses her footing and takes a tumble, landing hard on the surf club floor.

The paramedics are soon on hand and Ziggy is rushed to the hospital once again, to be met by Bree (Juliet Godwin).

As Bree commences her investigations, Dean can’t help be frustrated at Ziggy. She’s just pulled an all-nighter after helping Theo (Matt Evans) with his assignment, and against Dean’s advice refused to take a nap, wishing to push through the day.

Pointing out that it’s the second time she’s had a fall, Dean firmly tells Ziggy that she needs to start being more careful.

But witnessing Dean’s words with an apologetic Ziggy begins to put Bree on red alert, whose own experiences with her abusive husband Jacob (Alex Williams) start clouding her judgement, particularly after seeing bruises on Ziggy’s body.

Dean’s tone is triggering for Bree and alarm bells start ringing,” Juliet explains. “When Bree sees the bruise on Ziggy’s leg, this confirms in her mind that Ziggy is being abused.

Bree has far too often experienced having to make excuses for her own injuries,” Juliet continues. “She won’t sit back and watch someone else suffer in silence.

Fearing for Ziggy’s safety, Bree arranges to have her kept in overnight, before reporting Dean to the authorities.

Ziggy is both shocked and confused when Cash arrives to interview her, in relation to a domestic violence claim! With Dean carted off to the station and barred from seeing his pregnant girlfriend, an overwhelmed Ziggy blasts Bree as she demands to be seen by a different doctor.

Bree begins to have second thoughts after Remi (Adam Rowland) points out that she’s letting her own situation prevent her from being objective about Dean and Ziggy.

When she then overhears Dean asking Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to look out for Ziggy, she sees the genuine love and care that is present and is heartbroken by the huge error she’s made.

Bree realises that in trying to save Ziggy it is actually her very own plea for help,” Juliet adds. “The veil is lifted and she realises Dean is not like Jacob.

It seems the incident finally makes Bree realise that enough is enough, as she makes the big decision to finally go to the police about Jacob…

Will she be able to go through with it?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Xander (Luke Van Os) is continuing to struggle with the idea of new hook-up Stacey’s (Maleeka Gasbarri) non-monogamous view on life.

Xander has been enjoying his dates with Stacey, but was thrown when she told him that she didn’t believe in seeing only one person at a time, as she explained about having a date with another gentleman later that day.

Whilst Xander has said he’s open to giving it a try, rather than lose Stacey completely, he’s admitted that he still finds the idea weird.

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) was also confused when Stacey suggested hooking up, having already seen her with Xander, and approached him to find out what the deal was.

This week, Xander is determined to prove that he can get on top of the idea, and after some words of wisdom from Irene (Lynne McGranger), he decides to try it out for himself, arranging a date with another lady.

But it seems Xander’s not into non-monogamy after all, as the date goes awry.

He decides the only way forward is to be honest with Stacey.

Up until now, Stacey has been clear that she has no intention of changing her view on open relationships. Will Xander be able to change her mind, or is he about to get his heart broken?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 7th November (Episode 7925)

John finds a golfing rival in Justin. Honesty backfires for Xander. Can Ziggy and Dean agree to compromise?

Tuesday 8th November (Episode 7926)

Bree misreads Dean’s overprotective nature. Can Roo get the golf tournament back on track? Xander receives some sage advice from Irene.

Wednesday 9th November (Episode 7927)

Cash investigates Bree’s allegations. Remi plays devil’s advocate. Xander is honest with Stacey.

Thursday 10th November (Episodes 7928-7930)

Bree gains the courage to correct her mistakes. Remi helps carry the burden. Justin won’t take no for an answer.

Eden works around Felicity’s wedding issues. Theo becomes fodder in Justin and John’s rivalry. Tane receives some bad news.

The golf tournament brings out the worst in Justin and John. Felicity thinks of a way to honour Tane. Nikau takes on the best man responsibilities.

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