Home and Away Spoilers – Lyrik’s success threatens to tear them apart

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Lyrik are propelled into the limelight when they bag an interview with a major music journo – but it leads Remi and Eden to question their future with the band.

It’s been touch and go for the future of Lyrik over the past few weeks, as new lead singer Theo (Matt Evans) embarked on a secret relationship with keyboardist Kirby (Angelina Thomson).

Kirby had only recently come out of a relationship with the band’s previous lead Bob (Rob Mallett), and the effect that it had on the band’s internal politics meant that Kirby, along with guitarist Remi (Adam Rowland) and bassist Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), had quickly agreed to put a ban on any future interband romances.

That was until Theo came along anyway. Kirby had initially put a stop to their budding romance, telling him that the band had to come first, but she eventually caved in. After Theo decided that he couldn’t face keeping things a secret any longer, Kirby decided to reveal their relationship to a stunned Eden and Remi last week.

Although they feared it had the potential to cause disaster, Eden and Remi kept an open mind and gave Theo and Kirby their blessing… on the condition that they don’t split up and make things awkward!

With that hurdle overcome, this week the band have to concentrate on PR. When Remi phones Kirby for an update, she promises that she and Theo are working on it—the reality being that they’ve not even started, the loved-up pair have been too distracted with each other. Kirby admits that it’s the one thing she misses about Bob, he was good with dealing the publicity side of things… she hasn’t got a clue!

The two start brainstorming but struggle with ideas, not helped by John’s (Shane Withington) input as he listens in from the next table.

Justin (James Stewart) arrives to offer to treat them to lunch, but they’re too busy. Justin reminds Theo that he was very successful in marketing himself last year, he had over 50,000 followers on his socials as he partook in the video challenges with Ryder (Lukas Radovich).

As a lucky Justin heads off to take John to lunch instead, Kirby is shocked by what she’s just heard—and points out that if Theo was to reactivate his account, that’s 50,000 subscribers that they could tap into from the off!

John isn’t too impressed with Justin reminding Theo of the viral videos; it ended in disaster last time.

But Justin and Irene (Lynne McGranger) are quick to point out that the only reason John is complaining is out of fear that the band will end up making more noise next door, as they work on promoting themselves.

Theo agrees to bring his account back online and he and Kirby decide to post a video of the song they’d been working on together, given that they cannot get hold of either Remi or Eden to do one with the whole band.

Theo’s unsure whether the absent members will appreciate the song going on Theo’s personal channel, but Kirby points out that it’s going to get a lot more views on there than the band’s own.

The video quickly draws over 2000 hits, and Kirby is shocked when they receive a DM from renowned music journo Tully Dixon—he’s in the area and would like to do an interview, in an hour!

Knowing this could be a big break for the band, the two are quick to say yes, but the problem remains in that they can’t get hold of the other two members—Remi has left his phone at home, and Eden’s is going straight to voicemail.

When Tully (Joshua Vergona) arrives at the house, he can’t hang around, so Theo and Kirby have no choice but to go ahead with the interview on their own.

It doesn’t take long for Tully to realise that the two are an item, and he decides to change the angle of the interview—a good love story will generate more clicks.

Tully takes some pics of the two before heading off, and Eden and Remi are surprised to arrive home to see the Tully Dixon leaving their back garden!

Eden and Remi are fuming when they discover what they’ve missed, and are quick to draw comparisons to when Kirby and Bob were together—they’re being sidelined now that there’s another couple in the band.

Kirby and Theo point out that they’ve been trying to call them all afternoon, with Eden only then realising that her phone battery is flat.

As Kirby throws Remi’s forgotten phone over to him, Eden and Remi are made to eat humble pie, and the band raise a toast to their future success.

However, when the article is released online the next day, it doesn’t go down well. The entire feature talks about Theo and Kirby’s relationship, and how the hot ‘duo’ of Lyrik are supported by their ‘backing musicians’.

Theo and Kirby are aghast as they try to convince Eden and Remi that they were stitched up, but neither of them are in the mood for excuses and leave, telling Theo and Kirby to give them some space.

Things are only made worse when Eden and Remi look at the article again and discover the video that Theo and Kirby posted… this is the first they’ve heard about it!

Cute little duo aren’t they…” Remi observes. “If they’re Lyrik, then who are we?

Will Theo and Kirby’s good intentions rip the band apart?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 17th October (Episode 7876)

Nikau is sleeping with a stranger. Marilyn has a midnight visitor. Rose refuses the praise she doesn’t deserve.

Tuesday 18th October (Episode 7877)

Rose gets more than Cash’s blessing. Marilyn confesses her most shameful secret.

Wednesday 19th October (Episode 7878)

Cash can’t escape his drunken mistake. Kirby and Theo pull off a publicity stunt. Has Rose lost her only friend?

Thursday 20th October (Episode 7879)

Remi and Eden miss destiny’s call. Is Ziggy ready to be a mum? Theo and Kirby are the internet’s hottest duo.

Friday 21st October (Episode 7880)

Marilyn gets framed for abuse. Will the star couple break Lyrik apart? Ziggy makes her decision.

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