Home and Away Spoilers – Cash kisses Rose in drunken mistake

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Cash falls into a depressive spiral as Rose’s career goes from strength to strength, leading to a drunken mistake.

Recently, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) has been haunted by the fact that it was her sting operation which not only led to Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) being shot, but led Cash to shoot and kill gang leader Marty (Ben Wood) in self-defence, which in turn made him the bikie gang’s number 1 target.

So, next week, Rose is more than a little conflicted when she learns that she has been awarded a commendation for her work in bringing down the bikie gang.

It was the involvement of Tane (Ethan Browne) that brought Rose onto the case in the first place.

He was being forced to let the bikies launder money through the gym, which led Rose her to discover her own boyfriend Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan) was in fact a key figure in the gang, and one of the ones piling the most pressure on poor Tane.

Rose is being rewarded for her initiative, but she points out to Xander (Luke Van Os) that she only came to know so much about the situation because she was sleeping with a criminal!

Plus she hardly feels that she deserves an award when the siege ended with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) fighting for his life after being shot.

The next morning, Rose tells Xander that she’s decided not to accept the award; she’ll never be able to forget the cost it came at every time she looked at it.

Xander feels that she should reconsider, and decides to draft in Cash to help.

When the three meet for breakfast, Xander is quick to spill the beans on the commendation. It’s a risky move considering Cash’s mental state, but even Cash can’t understand why she’d want to refuse.

He goes on to explain that it’s an honour that she should embrace—it was his own fault he got shot, as it was he who decided not to put on a bullet-proof vest before chasing after an armed criminal.

It’s enough to make Rose reconsider. However, as Cash returns home and shuts himself away, it’s clear that his depression is rising to the surface.

Rose is surprised later that evening when Cash rocks up at the door with a bottle of fizz to celebrate.

Already tipsy, Cash admits he’d had a few beers at home and is feeling sorry for himself, but expresses that he’s happy for Rose, who has the whole world in front of her.

Rose points out that Cash does too, if he could only see it.

As Rose smiles at him, Cash suddenly leans forward and plants a kiss on her!

Rose may have put her feelings for her old crush to one side, but with Cash now throwing himself at her, will she be able to resist? Are the two about to make a big drunken mistake?

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    Tuesday 18th October (Episode 7877)

    Rose gets more than Cash’s blessing. Marilyn confesses her most shameful secret.

    Wednesday 19th October (Episode 7878)

    Cash can’t escape his drunken mistake. Kirby and Theo pull off a publicity stunt. Has Rose lost her only friend?

    Thursday 20th October (Episode 7879)

    Remi and Eden miss destiny’s call. Is Ziggy ready to be a mum? Theo and Kirby are the internet’s hottest duo.

    Friday 21st October (Episode 7880)

    Marilyn gets framed for abuse. Will the star couple break Lyrik apart? Ziggy makes her decision.

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